Fine Dining on Chocolate, a beautiful experience

Wednesday 16 April 2014

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I just have to tell you about these lovely chocolates that were went to me from Dermarquette Fine Chocolates!  They were kind enough to send me a box of "Britannia's Kitchen Garden Caramel Chocolates."  

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Britannia's Kitchen Garden is a collection of quintessentially British caramel chocolates flavoured with classic garden herbs and spices.  Inspired by the nation's love of the British Allotment garden, the collection was launched to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Chelsea Flower Show in 2013.

Each chocolate contains a luxurious creamy caramel centre flavoured with classic British produce, herbs and spices and fresh ingredients found in the UK's finest allotments.

There are six lovely flavours which are quite unusual and I have to say quite surprisingly tasty!

The Dark Red with two bands are the Hot Chili -  Dark chocolate with a kick!  Another traditional and favourite flavour combination inspired by the Incas.  (These packed quite a punch, but not unpleasantly so!)

The Blue one - Fennel and Honey, a dark chocolate with the aromatic anise-flavoured fennel spice softly sweetned with pure honey.  This one is a Great Taste award winner and I am not surprised!! (lovely, just lovely)

The Orange one -  Carrot, Rosemary and Sea Salt, a classic combination using a pinch of sea salt, sweet carrots, rosemary and a mantle of dark chocolate.  (A bit odd, but not bad)

The Green one - Garden Mint, a classic combination of dark chocolate and the freshness of cool garden mint.  (What can you say  . . . it's mint, but very nice mint.)

The Yellow one - Lemon Thyme,  smooth milk chocolate carrying the sweet aromatic and citrus flavour of the fragrant culinary lemon thyme herb.  (Lemon and chocolate, a marriage made in heaven.)

The Red with a Green Flush one - Roasted Peppers and Olive oil, a little more savoury in flavour, milk chocolate enhanced with sweet notes of roasted peppers and subtle smoky notes. (Odd at first, but quite pleasant.)

Some of the flavours were quite subtle.  I have to say the Roasted Pepper and Olive Oil was surprisingly delicious.  At first I wasn't quite sure . . . it tasted very strongly of roasted peppers, and yes . . .  there was almost the smokiness of chipotle there, but no heat of course.   Afterwards the flavours settled in quite pleasantly and I quite enjoyed it actually.

I think my favourite was a toss up between the Fennel and Honey and the Lemon Thyme, but those are flavours I am quite fond of anyway.  I have to say that these chocolates were quite like fine dining . . . except it's chocolate.   A very nice experience indeed.  Pretty colours and shine.  A nice snap when you bite into them.   Beautiful flavours.  Win, win, win!

These individually hand-painted caramel chocolates are delicately moulded into half sphere-shaped shells made of Demarquette's highest quality award-winning 71.1% dark chocolate (CacaoLux) and 40% silky smooth Malagasy milk chocolate. Each is then infused with a luxurious creamy caramel made with pure Hampshire Cream, British Beet sugar, and fresh ingredients sourced from local gardens.

To find out more and to check out their other collections (They have some really lovely collections!)  please out their home page at

Many thanks to Kim for sending these to me.  I quite, quite enjoyed them!  Of all the chocolates I've been sent through the years, these were the most exciting and interesting ones!  OH, and tasty too!  Don't forget to check out their Easter Line!

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  1. All your gifts are fun and well deserved!

  2. Thank you MOnique, I wish I could share them with you too!

  3. Wow, Fennel and Honey would be incredible, It's great to see something a bit different from the pepper / chilli options in chocolate

  4. The fennel and honey was fabulous Pigling!


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