Fitbeer, the Artisinal Alcohol Free Beer

Friday 6 October 2017

I am sure you all probably know by now that my husband and I are Latter Day Saints and as such we don't drink alcohol at all.  I do use it in cooking from time to time, but it is just not anything that we drink as a beverage.  I was really intrigued when I recently was contacted and asked if I would like to try some FitBeer, Low Calorie Premium Beer that is Alcohol Free.  I said . . .  why not!

FitBeer started with a family of beer lovers.  Father of six, Jim, a recovered alcoholic, found himself drinking non-alcoholic options that are either too sweet, too boring or packed with caffiene.  (I can totally sympathise with this.   A friend recently gave Todd a bottle of non-alcoholic wine as a gift and it was totally disgusting. I didn't even save it for cooking. It got washed down the drain.)

Jim's children set out on a journey to help him find a great beer.  This journey ultimately took them to the heart of the Bavarian Hills. They discovered a 500 year old Brewery who rose to the opportunity of crafting the ultimate alcohol-free beer for their new friends from the UK, with the end result being FitBeer, which not onnly has a taste which is complex and rich in flavour, but is also brimming with health benefits.

FitBeer is a classic, artisan lager, that is alcohol-free.  Crisp and rereshing in taste, it has a perfect balance of subtle hops and pleasnt malt flavours, with a gentle carbonation and a delicious nectar finish.  Just look at the head on that!  Made with 100% natural ingredients, all sournced within 20km of the 500-year-old Bavarian brewery.

As well as being only 66 calories a bottle (less than half of its alcoholic equivalent), FitBeer is also Vegan, rich in Vitamin B12 and full of folic acid.  It is also an isotonic beverage which means it's perfect for hydating you afer working out or even while working out.  It is also a Great Taste Award Winner for 2017.

Does it live up to the hype?  Todd thinks so. (I have never been a Beer Drinker, so I could not in all good conscience voice any opinion on this.)  Todd really liked it, however.   He thought it was a really good tasting lager type of beer.  With no wierd ingredients other than water, hops, malted barley and yeast FitBeer makes a really good non-alcoholic alternative to the real thing. Todd  thought it tasted like what a real German lager should taste like and gave it the English Kitchen Two Thumbs Up.

For more information and for details on where to buy this, do check out their web page at FitBeer.

Many thanks to them for sending us  couple of bottles to try out!

Note - Although I was sent free product for review purposes, any opinions are my own. (or Todd's in this case!)

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  1. Today, I was just browsing along and came upon your blog. Just wanted to say good blog about FitBeer is a classic, artisan lager, that is alcohol-free. Crisp and refreshing in taste, it has a perfect balance of subtle hops and pleasant malt flavours, with a gentle carbonation and a delicious nectar finish.


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