Buttermilk Lemon Puddings for Two

Sunday 2 August 2020

I think one of my absolute favourite flavours is that of lemon.  I could eat lemon anything until it comes out my ears and then some.  

One of my favourite lemon desserts has always been Buttermilk Lemon Puddings.  These are delicious lemon puddings which upon baking, just like magic, separate into two distinct layers  . . .  one a lush lemon custard and the other a fabulously tart lemon cake.

I am not sure how the magic works, only that it does.  I have seen this dessert referred to by many names. Lemon Puddle Pudding is one of them.

Lemon Sponge pudding is another.  People can get quite fanciful with their naming of it, but it is all just the same thing.  An exquisitely delicious lemon pudding, meant to be enjoyed!

There is nothing about that not to love. Nothing.  My husband, he's not so fussed about lemon anything. I think he just tolerates it, which means when I make lemon anything I am stuck with lots of leftovers. 

I know, it is hard for me to believe as well. How could anyone on earth not enjoy lemon???  It just doesn't seem natural.

Having lemon leftovers should not  really be a problem, unless you are trying to watch your weight and maybe even take off a few pounds.   

An extra couple of servings of anything lemon in this house is dangerous to me.  I am always trying to watch my sugar intake and my waistline. Like any woman I suppose.

Whats a gal to do but to try to downsize things and that has been my labour lately.  I have really been trying to get things down to feed just two so that I can cut down on our household waste and on my own "waist." 

Its not that hard to do if you know what you are doing, and I do know what I am doing. Thankfully.

This is a dessert I used to make fairly often when entertaining at the Manor down south.  I think lemon is a common love of ladies. 

I did lemon desserts more than anything for their dinner parties and luncheons.  I think one of the favourite ones I did was Frozen Lemon Souffles.  They were magnificent.

For the regular sized dessert, you can find it here. Lemon Puddle Pudding. That serves 4 to 6 people. You can see how that would be rather dangerous in a house where only one loves lemon.

Its not exactly the same, I'll admit, but close enough . . .and sometimes close enough is good enough. 

This differs in a couple ways. One, in that it uses buttermilk instead of regular milk. Using buttermilk lends a particular dense richness to the dish. 

Butter milk also has a lovely tangy quality which goes very well with lemon.

If you have no buttermilk, take one TBS of lemon juice and put it in a cup along with 5 TBS whole milk and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes until it clabbers. 

This makes for even more lemony flavour I think.  Can there ever be too much?  Perhaps but in this case, it works well.

The other difference is that this uses plain flour instead of self rising flour.  Because it is only for two servings, it did not need the oomph of any leavening.

The beaten egg white is enough to make it puff up beautifully, almost souffle like. It will sink when it starts to cool down however, so don't be alarmed.

The cake on the top is nice and buttery, and beautifully lemony.  Mine cracked a bit on the top, which is not at all unsual. 

I probably baked it for just a touch too long.  You want it to have a gentle wobble.  Not alot of a wobble, just a tiny bit.

The cake itself is nice and light in texture  . . .  and beneath  . . .you have the pudding layer, with an almost curd like finish to it. 

Don't get me started on Lemon Curd. It is just about my favourite thing on earth. If  I could only bring one thing to a dessert island it would have to be a jar of lemon curd.  No argument.

A rich creamy lemon curd . . . so lush  and so delicious. There is a perfect layer of this on the bottom of this dessert.  Cake on the top, lemon curd on the bottom.

The two together are heavenly bliss.  This should be called Heavenly Bliss Lemon Cake for Two . . . .

Normally I would have a dollop of cream or clotted cream on top but today we had none, so settled for a sweet dusting of icing sugar and some raspberries.  

Oh boy but this was some good.  And it gave me a chance to use my ceramic spoons.  I only ever very rarely use them because I don't want to risk them breaking!

Buttermilk Lemon Puddings for Two

Buttermilk Lemon Puddings for Two
Yield: 2
Author: Marie Rayner
prep time: 10 Mcook time: 20 Mtotal time: 30 M
A favourite lemon pudding, lush, creamy and now  . . . built just for two. It bakes like magic into two layers, one cake and one cream.


  • 1 large free range egg, at room temperature and divided
  • 6 TBS granulated sugar
  • 1 TBS fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp finely grated lemon zest
  • 2 TBS butter, melted
  • 3 TBS plain flour
  • pinch fine sea salt
  • 6 TBS buttermilk
  • icing sugar to dust
  • berries to garnish (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Have ready two 240ml/8 ounce ramekins or custard cups ready.
  2. Place the egg white in a scrupulously clean glass bowl and set aside.
  3. Place the egg yolk in another bowl and whisk together with the sugar, lemon juice and zest. Whisk until light in colour. Whisk in the melted butter. Stir in the flour and salt.Whisk in the butermilk just until smooth. Don't over whisk.
  4. Whisk the egg whites with a clean whisk until soft peaks form. (If you lift the beaters from the bowl, they should mostly stand but the top will slightly fall over.) Fold these carefully into the lemon mixture without overmixing.
  5. Place the ramekins onto a small baking sheet for ease of transfer.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes. When done they will be mostly set, but still a bit wobbly in the centre, and slightly golden brown around the edges.
  7. Let cool slightly before serving. Dust with icing sugar and garnish with berries to serve. Serve warm or at room temperature.
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  1. Donnalyn Dahlin2 August 2020 at 18:49

    love your blog and recipes. I would love to try this recipe but I can't see where you add the buttermilk

    1. Hi Donna Lyn! Thanks so much for noticing my omission. You whisk it in after the flour, before folding in the egg whites! Whew! I am so grateful for you letting me know. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the puddings and thanks for your sweet comment! xo

  2. You know I can't resist lemon. No I can't!! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome. It is one of my greatest weaknesses also Jeanie! xoxo

  3. This looks delicious, would I be able to make four 4oz ramekins out of the recipe, or is that to shallow?

    1. They would be a bit shallow. You would need to adjust the timings drastically.


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