Meals of the Week, August 20th - 26th

Sunday 27 August 2023


Meals of the Week

Another Sunday, another Meals of the Week post.  The day of the week where I share with you, my readers, all that I have enjoyed over the past week as my main meals of the day!

Doing this each week helps to keep me motivated and helps to keep me eating properly most of the time. I could be tempted to just eat ready meals, takeaways etc. as a single person living on their own. I am determined not to be that person.

This week was a bit unconventional.  I have had the worse cold/flu that I have had in a very long time. I  have not felt so poorly, not even when I had Covid back in April.  Numerous tests have been taken and it is just a nasty flu.  I don't have a part of me that isn't congested  and craving relief of some sort.

I don't have a family Doctor. I am one of the 150,000 people here in this little province of Nova Scotia who are in the same boat, and it is a number which grows every year.  Seriously. My sister and I now think that we never will have Doctors. It is what it is. My brother lives in the Nation's capital (Ottawa) and he doesn't have a family Doctor either.  

Anyways, we need to rely on emergency room care and drop in clinics to get treated.  There is one here in the town I live in tomorrow and I will be there as soon as it opens wanting some antibiotics. I can't  live in this much discomfort much longer. I obviously need extra help.  Fishermen's Friend are good, but they are not cutting the mustard!

In any case this is a very unconventional Meals of the Week. My week started out fairly decent, but got progressively worse, with these last two days being packaged cup a soup.  Sorry about that, but I can't pretend that it is what it isn't! You can trust that you always get the real me "warts and all!"

Chicken Nuggets & Roasted Veggies

SUNDAY, August 20th - Chicken Nuggets and Roasted Veggies

This was really the first day I was feeling under the weather.  I was still quite able to cook for myself, and whilst I didn't want to go regular Sunday Dinner at my sisters, I still had an appetite.  Cue in frozen chicken nuggets and some homemade roasted veggies. I have given you a link to some homemade chicken nuggets that look really good. I think these would be great to make up ahead and stick in the freezer for times like this.

For my homemade roasted veggies I cleaned and halved brussels sprouts, a baking potato and a carrot, tossed them with a smidgen of oil and some seasoning and then roasted them in a hot oven (400*F/200*C/ gas mark 6 for about 25 minutes, flipping them half way through the bake time and adding the frozen nuggets. I enjoyed with some cheeky plum sauce for dipping.

Pan Fried Pizza Amalfitan

MONDAY August 21st. - Pan Fried Pizza Amalfitan

I was starting to feel pretty poorly by this time and my sister came over to help me clean out my refrigerator for garbage day and help me get my garbage out.  I had some things I needed to use up pronto, like olives, pancetta, pizza sauce, and cheese. I remembered this frying pan pizza recipe I had from the late Elizabeth David.  I knew I would be able to use up all of these things in that.

It is quick and easy and doesn't require tons of work, so that is what I made.  You can use any toppings you enjoy on it.  I managed to eat one slice along with some salad and was done. This flu was really settling in.

Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

TUESDAY, August 22nd - Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Still feeling very poorly. My sides are aching from coughing and I am so filled up it isn't funny.  One thing we always had when we were feeling sick with flu when I was growing up was good old Chicken Noodle Soup.  Jewish Penicillin. 

This recipe I am sharing is a delicious substitute to use during those times when we have neither the time nor the inclination to make a soup from scratch. Tastes just as good as the real thing and its like a warm hug.

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives

WEDNESDAY, August 23rd - Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives, and toast

Still feeling very poorly.  Decided I was not going out for my usual Wednesday night supper with my dad and Hazel.  Instead I scrambled myself an egg and had it with some toast and a glass of juice.  I know, breakfast for supper, and the heart wants what the heart wants.

It was filling and comforting.  I did not want anything else and couldn't really finish more than a few bites of this.

Extra Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

THURSDAY, August 24th - Extra Creamy Macaroni and Cheese, with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and garlic toast

Rich creamy and delicious, what was I thinkin?.  There was no way I could eat much of this. Between the coughing and spewing up I just did not have the appetite. I ended up freezing it for another time.  It was a darn shame actually because this was and is really good.  I know it won't be quite the same after freezing, but one has to do what one has to do.

This is where I started to drop the ball  . . . 

Batchelors Cup of Soup

FRIDAY, August 25th - Broccoli and Cauliflower cup of soup

I woke up very poorly. Even my eyes are infected at this point.  One bad thing about not having a family Doctor is that I just can't call up a Doctor and get an appointment. I either have to go to Emergency (1 hour away) or wait for a free clinic (which is on Sunday this week.) First come first serve.  There was no way I could drive to Kentville with my eyes all blurry and stuck shut.

I caved and gave in. There was no cooking for me on this day. Not even heating up.  I had a sachet of Batchelor's Broccoli & Cauliflower Cup of Soup, Batchelors brand. Every now and then I put an order into an online British grocery shop here in Canada, called Blighty's.  I find them to be the most reasonable of all the British shops and they  have a good variety of things on offer much of the time.  Everything has always arrived in good time and great condition.

Last order I had bought myself some packs of Cup of Soup.  Four different varieties.  I love the British Cup of Soup.  There really isn't anything like it here in Canada.  Was I ever glad that I had some of these in my cupboard. I enjoyed a mug of the Broccoli and Cauliflower whilst I sat in my chair and felt very sorry for myself. 

Batchelors Cup a Soup

SATURDAY, August 26th - Tomato Cup a Soup

Yes, I am that person. Cup a Soup two days in a row.  But I just have no energy for cooking anything. I am hungry though so that is a good sign.  Today I added some crackers. 

I am going to the free clinic tomorrow (Sunday as I write this).  I really hope that I am able to get some antibiotics.  I had called the pharmacy in town here to see if there was anything over the counter I could take, but the Pharmacist said that it really sounded like an anti-biotic job. So I wait. Here is hoping that once I get some anti-biotics I soon start to feel more like myself again within a few days.  

I really hope that none of you gets this. It is just awful. You just start to think you are feeling better and it slaps you down again. Its not Covid, I've tested numerous times.  Now I am just wasting tests. It has been a very long time since I have gotten a flu bug like this one.  Congested chest, nose, eyes, etc. Here's hoping that come Sunday I will be on the road upwards from this nasty bug!

And that is it for my very unconventional Meals of the Week this the second last week in August, 2023.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. Gail

  2. Hope you get some relieve and feel better.

  3. So sorry you are feeling poorly, Marie! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hope you get over that bug soon ! I used to get every bug that came through town until 5 yrs. ago when a friend told me about mixing 1 tbsp. of cinnamon with 1 cup of local unpasteurized honey .Take 1 tsp. every day.We very rarely get sick now and if we do we use oil of oregano 3 times a day for a week if needed.We mix a few drops into orange juice because it tastes terrible but works because it's a natural antibiotic.

    1. I am going to try that! Thank you for your suggestions! xo

  5. Get well soon!

  6. Sounds like you have what I had last winter, eyes and all. I could barely get up to make a cup of tea. A local nursing home here lets you order a week’s worth of meals for a small fee. I signed on and ordered a weeks worth. One square meal a day that I only had to be heated up. And I found a spoon of honey in hot water, with lemon, and a drop of whisky before bed helped me too! Up your vitamin C, B and add zinc to boost your immune system too!


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