Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives

Sunday 10 January 2010

Nothing says home more than a nice big platter of perfectly scrambled eggs in the morning. So comforting . . . and, well . . . cosy. There is nothing tastier than an egg that's been well scrambled.

A well scrambled egg . . . with soft and moist folded curds . . . along with some hot buttered toast, is bliss . . . pure bliss.

It's not that hard to cook them properly, although some people do seem to be a bit mystified as just how to proceed, and still others seem to overcook them so much that they end up as dry little rubbery curds. What you are looking for is something that luxuriously, meltingly creamy.

Scrambled eggs are not something that you want to cook in a hurry . . . slow and steady definitely wins the race here.

First of all you need to start with a good egg. I know I don't need to lecture you on the difference between a cage grown egg and a free range egg . . . we've all heard that spiel . . . Let's just say that I prefer to pay more and use free range. For me it's more than just taste . . . it's a matter of conscience.

You want to use a skillet that's not overly heated, in other word, warm, but not hot. Then you want a nice lump of butter, softly foaming in the pan . . . and finally you want the perfect mix of beaten eggs, cream and milk . . .

You add this mixture to the warm pan, and then you just let it sit without disturbing it . . . not for long . . . just long enough that it begins to set on the bottom. Only then do you want to start moving the eggs. I like to use a wooden spatula or spoon. I commence to folding my eggs, slowly . . . from the outside edges into the centre of the pan. Not stirring . . . but folding . . . a constant, and slow movement . . . which I keep doing . . . just until the eggs are almost set, but still moist. At this point you will want to take them right off the heat. The eggs will continue to cook for a bit longer from the residual heat in the pan, but what you end up with is a lovely moist product, not dry at all.

In short . . . perfection.

I have been known to sit down to a plate of scrambled eggs late at night when I get home from work . . . tired and starving. They fill that gap beautifully. Tis a special thing to come home to.

*Cheese and Chive Scrambled Eggs*
Serves 6
Printable Recipe

Fresh chives and a good strong cheddar together with perfectly scrambled eggs, create a hearty breakfast dish just packed with flavour.

12 large free range eggs
2 ounces whole milk
2 ounces cream
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/2 tsp hot pepper sauce
2 TBS butter
4 TBS finely chopped fresh chives
4 ounces of a good farmhouse strong cheddar cheese, grated
(I use Davidstow)

Whisk the eggs, milk, cream salt, black pepper and hot pepper sauce together in a large bowl. Heat the 2 TBS of butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Once the butter begins to foam add the eggs. Allow to sit for several minutes, without stirring, so that the eggs can begin to set on the bottom. Begin to draw a wooden spatula or spoon across the bottom of the skillet to form large curds. Cook, continuing to fold the eggs with the spoon slowly, working from the outside edges into the middle until the eggs are thickened but still moist. Do not stir constantly or you will end up with small curds, you want thick moist ribbons. Remove from the heat to a warm platter. Sprinkle the hot eggs with cheese and the chives. Serve hot with warm toast, if desired.


  1. Oooh can you make some for me please Marie?! Looks delish!

  2. Marie, I love your referral to making love and scrambling eggs. Too cute! I talked to my daughter, Laura so much about your blog and you have inspired me to get cracking (no egg pun intended) on some new recipes. Just like Julia inspired Julie but I think I will start out with one a week. Love you, dear friend, and am happy to be back on my blogroll once again.

  3. The perfect start to a Sunday.

  4. You're a good egg:) I love that bowl too...Vey well done Marie~

  5. I'm one of those people that can't make scrambled eggs without them bouncing lol. This looks great though.

  6. Chele, if you follow my directions there will be no more bouncy eggs, trust me!!

  7. You make the simplest of dishes look fit for kings, Marie! I so love well-cooked scrambled eggs--not too dry, not too wet--you, of course, have it down pat! I always learn something new from you--thank-you so much for that!

    Hoping you're having a lovely Sunday and that you're staying as warm & cozy as possible! Love you!

  8. Can I come to your house for breakfast??? :)

  9. What a lovely start to the day. I have actually never added cheese and chives to my scrambled eggs, so this is something I must try. Thank you for your message - I was so pleased to hear how happy you are in the UK, you certainly seem to have embraced all of the lovely things that England has to offer. Have a lovely week Marie. Love Lucie x

  10. That looks delicious! I must make eggs in the morning! I'm glad I found your blog!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I came across your blog when searching for a cheese and chives scrambled eggs recipe. The BEST scrambled eggs ever. Your recipe and instructions were faultless. Thank-you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Mumma Lisa! You made my day and you are very welcome! So happy you enjoyed! xo


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