Advertising on the English Kitchen

Occasionally The English Kitchen likes to team up with brands and offers fair and honest reviews of products, cookbooks, etc. for a variety of companies.  I always endeavor to give whatever you send me a good trial and an honest and forthright review.   If you would like to discuss anything of this nature please feel free to contact me via mariealicejoan at aol dot com.

I am also willing to do Guest Posts and written Articles on your page, for a fee.  One again, if you enjoy the writing, photography and recipes on this page don't hesitate to contact me via the same method.

Let it be noted however that I will not provide free advertising for your client/company/press release/competition, etc.

Thanks so much!


Being afforded the opportunity to play with, test, review and trial new products, both edible and otherwise is one of the perks of and a huge part of the food blogging world.   I, personally, really enjoy this aspect of food blogging and will always endeavor to be as honest as possible with both my readers and those who have provided me with a product or products to trial, read or review.  If I don't like something or if it hasn't performed to what I believe is a high standard I will always let you know.

Because I am a Latter Day Saint, I do not drink black teas, coffees or Alcohol.  I also do not smoke.  I do cook with alcohol from time to time, but that is all.   It is impossible for me to do an honest review of any of this type of products unless they are herbal teas, and I will not accept any to  review on this basis.

I also will not accept any product that I feel is not in standing with what I aim to promote on my blog or that I feel would not be of interest to my readership, because at the end of the day, it is my readers whom I write for.  They are my raison d'etre and I appreciate and love every one of them.  If you are reading this, this means YOU!  Big hugs!


  1. I tried to contact you, but that requires creating a Google account - and I don't use Google (except YouTube) as nearly every spam/spoof/ghost on my accounts has been from Google.

    I would like permission to quote/use a page of yours on my website for people that are struggling financially (spendnomoneyDOTwordpressDOTcom) in the food tab. Of course it provides a link to your website. I can email you a prototype of the graphic if you let me know where to send it.

    1. HI there, sorry about that I have google because if I don't then I end up with people leaving all kinds of nasty stuff here. You can e-mail me a prototype if you wish. mariealicejoan at aol dot com Thanks!


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