Meals of the Week, November 12th - 18th

Sunday 19 November 2023


Meals of the Week, November 12th - 18th, 2023

Well, another Sunday has rolled around and you know what that means!!  A recap of all the meals I cooked or ate over the previous week. My Meals of the Week.  I am really enjoying gathering these meals together and sharing them with you each week. It helps me to plan my meals for the week ahead and helps me to keep a note of exactly what and how I am eating!  That can't be bad

When you are a person who lives on your own it can be only too tempting to eat out of cans, takeaways or frozen meals. My mother lived on her own from the age of 53 until she passed away at the age of 87. She always cooked for herself.  She never ate out unless it was with other people. 

Occasionally she would treat herself to a TV dinner buying them when they were on special. She especially liked the turkey one. No surprise there as I love turkey also, just not in a TV dinner. I have tried one or two different ones since I have been back in Canada and have found them to be most disappointing.  Not all that great tasting and loaded in salt, sugar and fat. Not nice.

Mom always enjoyed feeding herself healthy meals for the most part. She also enjoyed a glass of red wine every night and a small dish of ice cream.  I might not do the wine or the ice cream, but I try to channel her inspiration in my meals. Oh how I miss her.  I don't think you ever stop missing your mom.

Each week, I am taking a leaf from her book, and making sure that I eat a decent meal every day of the week.  I hope you don't mind me bringing you along for the ride.  Perhaps you will be inspired to do the same and maybe even get some new ideas from what I am cooking for your own meals!

Here is what I cooked myself over the past week. (Where I have eaten out, I have provided a similar option so that  you can cook it yourself.) Let me know what you think!

Baked Ham Dinner

SUNDAY, November 12th - Family Dinner at my Sisters

Every Sunday night, for the most part, I have dinner with my family at my sister's place. There are usually just the four of us. Myself, my sister, her husband and my father.  I really enjoy these dinners.

This week we had Baked Ham.  Dan had gotten given a ham from work and my sister cooked it along with a tasty mix of Scalloped Potatoes on the side and some roasted vegetables. It was really delicious!

Dad always looks for something sweet at the end of his meals and so my sister had some sugar free jello with whipped cream for him.  He has been suffering with the Shingles.  Poor dad. This, his 89th year, has been one thing right after another, starting with Covid in the spring.  I can say one thing for him, he has a really strong constitution!  He doesn't stay down for long!  And we are glad of that!

Lemon and Chicken Soup

MONDAY, November 13th - Lemon and Chicken Soup

I fancied something simple and so I made a delicious soup for my supper. This is a fabulously tasty chicken soup, with fresh flavors!  It uses chicken stock along with lemon juice.  

You might think the lemon would be overpowering, but it really isn't.  It adds a lovely layer of flavor that is quite pleasant! It is delicious and hearty. 


A nice hot bowl of this with some crackers on the side and some fruit for afters was all I needed.

Salmon Loaf with Creamed Peas

TUESDAY, November 14th - Vintage Dinner Menu

Most weeks on Tuesdays, I try to cook myself a Vintage Dinner menu using recipes from one of my Vintage Cookbooks.  This week was no different. I treated myself to a delicious Salmon Loaf with Creamed Peas. Macaroni and Cheese.  A tasty salad with an American style French Dressing and for dessert some tinned pears and a cookie.

This meal reminded me very much of the meals that my mother would make for us when I was growing up. We didn't have salmon a lot in our home as it was rather expensive, but when we did it was usually canned salmon. This was a really delicious way of preparing it.  I love Creamed Peas on Salmon. The two things just go together very well!

Steak Dinner for One

WEDNESDAY, November 15th - Dinner out with Dad and Hazel

On Wednesday nights I usually have dinner out with my father and his friend Hazel.  We go to a local spot called The Big Scoop.  Most of the time we will all have fish and chips. Sometimes we will shake things up and all order something different.  This week I fancied a steak, and so I ordered their steak dinner.  It was fabulous.

It was perfectly cooked and I had some mushrooms and onions on the side, along with mash this time and some vegetables.  I really enjoyed it.

I am sharing my 5-Minute Steak Dinner for One recipe with you in it's stead.  You can always double or triple, or quadruple it if you wish to feed more. The steak in this recipe is fabulously tasty. Perfectly cooked. 

Homestyle Baked Haddock

THURSDAY, November 16th - Homestyle Baked Haddock Dinner

I'm afraid I had a second meal out this week. This time with my friend Jacqueline.  She had actually asked me to go out with her last week, but I was too busy so we did it this week instead.  We went to a place outside of Aylesford that I had not been to in many years called Farmer's Family Diner

The last time I had been there I had the fish and chips.  Today I decided to have the pan fried haddock with vegetables. It was lovely.  The recipe I am showing you here is for my Homestyle Baked Haddock. Also very delicious!

Instant Pot Bolognese

FRIDAY, November 17th - Instant Pot Bolognese

I had my son coming over from the Island for the weekend and I wasn't sure what time he would get here so I made a quick Bolognese to serve with spaghetti in my Instant Pot. This was enjoyed with some garlic bread and a salad on the side. 

Traditionally a Bolognese Sauce needs to be slow simmered on top of the stove for several hours in order for the flavors to deepen, and the sauce to thicken to a great consistency. This simple recipe reduces that time by more than half, without reducing any of the delicious flavors. The leftovers also freeze very well.

Baked Chicken Tacos for Two

SATURDAY, November 18th - Quick & Easy Baked Chicken Tacos for Two

My son and I are both huge fans of Mexican flavors.  There are no Mexican restaurants in our area, not even a Taco Bell and so we enjoyed some Homemade Baked Chicken Tacos with all of our favorite toppings.

I know these are not as authentic as what you might find in the Southern Border States or Mexico, but they are Mexican enough for us. They  are so quick to throw together. You can have them made, baked and on the table in about 20 minutes, ready to enjoy. Not only are they quick and easy, but they are also very delicious! 

And those were my meals of the week for this past week. As you can see I ate very well. I even managed to eat fish twice!  It was another delicious week!

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 Thank you so much for visiting! Do come again! 

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