Meals of the Week, November 5th - 11th 2023

Sunday 12 November 2023


meals of the week Nov 5th - 11th 2023

I can't believe it is Sunday again. These weeks are really rolling around quickly. Here I am with another Meals of the Week post!  This is the day that I like to share all of my tasty main meals which I have enjoyed over the past seven days!  

I have been doing this since April. It is something which I really enjoy doing and something which many of you enjoy also. As a person who lives on their own I like to keep a record of what I eat and I also like to be accountable for what I eat and manage my grocery bill/storecupboard as best as I can.

It can be really difficult to cook for just one person and keep it all interesting.  I never want to be that person who only eats from tins or frozen ready meals.  As long as I can, I want to cook for myself exciting fresh and delicious meals on a daily basis.

I also like to use up all that I have in the larder, freezer, refrigerator as well, and keeping a weekly record like this helps me to be accountable. This week I was able to use up some things from the freezer as well as keep on top of what I had in the fridge to use. 

Cooking for yourself doesn't have to be difficult or boring. Nor does it have to be expensive.  Each week I try to use up all of my resources and to have the least amount of waste as possible. 

These are only my main meals. For breakfast I usually have toast or cereal and on a rare occasion a muffin or maybe even a pancake.  I eat my main meal at noon most of the time unless I am eating out or  with my family.  For suppers (which is my lunch) I tend to have salads or sandwiches, maybe soup, and yes sometimes I will have a bowl of cereal. 

I can tell you that I am never bored with any of it and I hope that by my sharing what I eat on a weekly basis, I can help you to plan your meals and menus as well!  So here you go,  these were my meals for the past week!

Cabbage Rolls

SUNDAY, November 5th - Dinner at Cindy's

On Sundays I usually go over to my sister's to have dinner with her, Dan and my dad. I really enjoy being included in these meals. Its so nice to have family around after all those years of not having anyone around. Family times are the best of times.

One thing we all love is Cabbage Rolls.  My sister made some this week and we were all in Cabbage Roll heaven.  If you would like to see my personal recipe for Cabbage Rolls, you can find it here.  It does make about 12 rolls, but the nice thing is that they freeze really well.

I freeze them in single servings of 2 rolls. Then all I have to do is thaw them out, heat them up and enjoy whenever I feel like having a cabbage roll supper! They are lovely with rice and a vegetable on the side, or even just on their own.  

Macaroni Cheese & Tomato Bake for two

MONDAY, November 6th -Macaroni Cheese & Tomato Bake for two 

Can you spell comfort food?  I treated myself to some real comfort food on Monday. I love macaroni and cheese and this is one of my favorite ways to make it. What you have here is a delicious tomato based macaroni casserole with a lush creamy cheese sauce poured over top.  Baked until the tomatoes come bubbling up through the creamy sauce. So delicious.

I always add a buttered cracker or bread crumb topping. You can access the full sized recipe here.  This is such a delicious recipe that I included it in my English Kitchen cookbook.  Everyone loves it.

Top Hat Pork Chops

TUESDAY, November 7th - Vintage Menu Madness

On Tuesday I enjoyed my Vintage Menu Madness. Once a week I cook a whole  menu from my Vintage cookery books. This week I enjoyed Top Hat Pork Chops (with a corn stuffing), glazed squash rings, Potatoes Margaret, mixed vegetables and lemon pudding.

I am always so stuffed after making my vintage menus. I don't normally eat dessert, but I do indulge on those days. It was a fabulous meal and gave me two servings. (I cut the recipes in half)  I had enough for another day!

Fish and Chips

WEDNESDAY,   November 8th - Dinner out with the family

On Wednesday nights I usually go out to dinner with my father and his friend Hazel.  We go to a local place called The Big Scoop. This week my sister joined us.  They had a Loaded Steak Poutine on special that included chips, gravy, cheese curds, steak, fried mushrooms and onions. We were so tempted but stuck with our traditional Fish and Chips. We are all like that.  Everyone in my family. When we go out to eat, more often than not, we will have the fish and chips.

That's because it is not something we really like to do at home. Deep frying.  And fish in batter is so good! There is a fish processing plant just around the corner from me and often they will put bags of deep fried haddock on special. You can get about 10 pounds of it for a good price.  Its nice to have them in the freezer. Then you can just pop one into the oven along with a few oven chips, cook some peas and dinner is easy peasy lemon squeezy served!

Crock Pot Creamy Veggie Chowder

THURSDAY, November 9th - Crock Pot Creamy Veggie Chowder 

I had my leftover pork chop dinner for my main meal on this day but for my lunch I made Crock Pot Creamy Veggie Chowder.  This is such a simple soup. Just a bit of this and a bit of that, thrown into the crockpot. I have a small crockpot that makes just enough for two of three people.  This was delicious and also used up the half can of cream corn that I had leftover from Tuesday's vintage meal.

It was a simple and tasty meal that I enjoyed along with some crackers.  Hearty and filling. It would also make a great main meal, especially if you served it with some crusty bread.

Creamy Garlic Chicken

FRIDAY, November 10th - Creamy Garlic Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans

I had a chicken breast to use up and had seen a delicious looking recipe on The Cozy Cook for chicken breasts.  I cut her recipe in half and found it to be a great way to make one piece of chicken stretch to feed two people.  The chicken was tender and juicy and the gravy filled with flavor.  It was also very quick and easy to make.

It was fabulous served with fluffy mashed potatoes (perfect for cradling that lush gravy) and some steamed green beans on the side.  I froze the extra piece of chicken in gravy for another time.

Coconut Chicken Curry

SATURDAY, November 11th - Coconut Chicken Curry

I was feeling rather lazy yesterday and so I went through my freezer to see what I had in place. I know I had just had chicken on Friday, but this Coconut Chicken Curry that I had frozen previously really spoke to me and so I thawed it out for my dinner, which I enjoyed with some rice and a cheeky naan bread. 

This is one of my favorite chicken curries. It is lovely and fruity and not overly spicy. When I make it I always make the full recipe and then freeze the extras in single serving zip lock baggies. 

I do that a lot now, freeze in the zip lock baggies. If you get all the air out, you can freeze them flat and they stack up beautifully. It is also easy to write on them what is in the package. You can drop the baggie into a bowl of cold water to thaw out quickly. I did that with my applesauce this season as well.

And there you have it my Meals of the Week for the past week.  As you can see I ate very well indeed and there was not a lot of repetition from past weeks. I even managed to use up a few bits from the freezer!   I wonder what the deliciousness of the next week will hold!  We shall see!

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