10 Perfect Weeknight Dinners for Two

Monday 22 April 2024


10 Perfect  Weeknight Dinners for Two

Its easy to whip up these weeknight dinners which are perfectly sized for just two people!  With more and more people becoming empty nesters or just starting out in their lives, cooking for two people can often present a challenge.

If you are an empty nester,  you may be used to cooking for four or five people every night. You may be newly wed and lacking in inspiration or the know how to tailor your meals just for two people. Most recipes out there are tailored to feed four to six people and it can be difficult to get your mind around the math required to reduce the quantities for just two people.

Who wants to be eating leftovers for 3 or 4 nights on the trot! Boring! Then there is the waste involved.  I hate waste and I am sure you do too!  

Today I have put together an ensemble of delicious recipes that are easy and quick enough to cook on a weeknight, when most of us are pressed for time, but are also tailored just for two people, for the smaller family without any leftovers and the need to eat the same thing for day after day after day.

These meals are perfectly sized and mean that you can eat delicious, healthy, budget friendly meals every night of the week without a repeat in sight, and no leftovers to clutter up your refrigerator.  Fresh, new, innovative and healthy, perfectly sized meals for every night of the week and then some.  The fact that  they are also quick and easy to make is a real bonus!  Count me in!

Savory Garlic Chicken


With its delicious white wine and garlic sauce, this recipe takes the humble chicken breast to a special level of tastiness. Chicken breasts are a very versatile and adaptable ingredient. I always keep boneless skinless breasts in the freezer to use in recipes like this one. This is a simple and delicious recipe.  Don't be afraid of the amount of garlic in it. The garlic mellows out in the cooking and adds a beautiful level of savory sweetness to the dish.

Sheet Pan Roasted Sea Bass Dinner


If you like fish and enjoy Sea Bass, you are going to fall in love with this delicious dinner for two that all cooks easily on one sheet pan. No fuss, no muss, and with very little clean up involved you end up with two perfectly cooked pieces of fish and everything you need to go along side.  Roasted potatoes, onions and tomatoes.  That delicious tender and moist fish is garnished with some toasted cashew nuts for a beautiful finish. 

Sheet Pan Beef and Broccoli


Once again, no fuss no muss. This old favorite has been  cooked on a sheet pan in the oven for a low fat, quick and easy way to enjoy one of our most beloved Chinese dishes. It lacks none of the flavors of the original Wok fried version and is a lot less hands on. Delicious. Simple to make with perfectly tender and flavor filled pieces of flank steak, combined with crispy tender pieces of fresh broccoli. All you need on the side is some steamed rice.

Tuna Patties



Easy to throw together at the last minute, these tuna patties are quick to make and a real store cupboard favorite. You can put them together in the morning and have them ready and chilled for frying when it comes to supper time. Fried in a mix of oil and butter to a perfectly crisp exterior and juicy flavorful interior, these are lovely served with a dab of tartar sauce, either ready or home made (you decide!)  I like to serve them with macaroni cheese and an assortment of vegetables for a quick and easy meal that is always very much enjoyed.

White Chicken Chili


If you are a fan of Tex Mex flavors prepare yourself to fall in love with this quick and easy white chicken chili which is sized perfectly for two people. A hearty soup that is not only incredibly tasty but also very healthy as well.  Serve in heated bowls with a sprinkle of low fat cheese and a dollop of low fat sour cream for a quick and easy supper that will please on all levels! Quick, easy and delicious!

Tender Beef and Noodles


This tasty supper can be cooked long and slow in the crock pot, or you can cook it in a small Dutch oven on top of the stove. What you have here are tender melt-in-th-mouth chunks of beef in a lush flavor-filled gravy, ready to be ladled on top of buttered noodles.  A veggie on the side and dinner is served!

Crispy Baked Chicken & Slaw


There is something deeply satisfying about a tender and juicy, perfectly cooked chicken breast, crispy coated in a flavor filled crumb served along side of an incredibly crunchy, tangy and crisp fennel slaw.  The two go together like peas and carrots.  A couple wedges of lemon to squeeze over top of that delicious chicken and you have a match made in heaven!

Pasta with Pink Sauce



Very simple store cupboard ingredients put together in the most delicious way.  This creamy tomato sauced pasta dish is quick and easy to make, and is especially perfect to cook on a busy weeknight.  Rich and creamy, comforting and  delicious, this makes a great weeknight supper for those nights when you really can't be asked to cook, but you still want to enjoy something indulgent.  All you need is a salad on the side and maybe some bread sticks, and dinner is served!

Sausage and Peppers


A delicious combination of smoked sausage, onions and peppers, cooked to perfection on a single sheet pan in the oven. Ready to enjoy in a butter toasted bun with some honey mustard perhaps, or along side a baked potato.  Sausage in a bun!  I love it! The vegetables get all caramelized at the edges, the sausage, golden brown and heated through to perfection. However you choose to enjoy this simple meal, you can rest assured it will be enjoyed very much!

Crispy Sheet Pan Chicken Milanese


With this one you get lovely tender, crisp golden crumb and cheese chicken breasts, flavored with garlic and lemon. They are baked rather than fried, which makes them a bit healthier. You also have crisp golden brown potatoes, again flavored with butter and garlic. Add to the mix, beautiful crispy tender green beans, again baked on the same baking sheet. Near the end baby plum tomatoes are added. The tomatoes are drizzled with a bit of Balsamic vinegar, to help bring out their natural sweetness.  Perfect timing of all the ingredients results in a beautiful meal with lovely caramelized vegetables and moist and tender chicken.

And there you have it, 10 perfectly delicious weeknight meals, perfectly sized for just two people.  Quick and easy to make as well as being pretty easy on the budget for the most part!  The fact that they are all incredibly delicious is a happy bonus!

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  1. Being from England I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. No one can beat British cakes and pastries.

    1. I think you are totally right about that! I hope you enjoy some of the recipes! xo


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