Meals of the Week, April 14th - 20th, 2024

Sunday 21 April 2024


Meals of the Week, April 14th - 20th, 2024


I can't believe that it is Sunday again. The weeks just seem to roll around very quickly. I think that is true of anyone who leads a busy life and that is me. I do lead a very busy life. This past week was filled with medical appointments and the like. I think that the only day I had free really was Wednesday and I ended up taking my sister to have a shot at the local pharmacy on that day as well. 

I am not complaining!  Not by a long chalk. I like to be busy.  A busy life is a life filled with goodness.  I have no time to be bored!  I could not stand to be bored.

Anyways, on Sundays I like to share with you all of the main meals I have enjoyed over the past seven days along with any recipes pertaining to them, and my suggestions for what you can enjoy on the side.  I do have supper at my sister's place most Sundays, and I usually have dinner out with my dad and his friend Hazel on Wednesday's. For those days I have included "like" recipes for what I have enjoyed eating outside my home.

These recipe round-ups are some of my favorite posts to do. It helps me to stay aware of the things which I am eating. I don't repeat things very often.  Not that I don't enjoy what I cook, I really do, but I enjoy a large variety in what I cook and eat, which helps to keep things interesting for me.

That is really important when you live on your own as I do.  I don't ever want to be a person who eats only ready made meals or frozen dinners. I want to eat real food.  Food prepared by my own hands without a lot of salt, sugar and preservatives.  Especially now that I am getting older.

My diet matters more now than ever.  Too many older people don't eat properly and suffer health problems because of it. I never want to be that person if I can help it!  And so to that end, I try to menu plan and cook my own meals every week, as much as possible.  And I like to take you along with me, hoping that you will also be inspired to want to cook for yourself as well!

And without any further twaddle, let me present my meals for the past seven days. Everything delicious I have enjoyed for my main meals along with any pertinent sides.  Enjoy!

Best Oven Barbequed Ribs

SUNDAY, April 14th - Family dinner at my sister's

Most Sundays I go to my sister Cindy's place to have dinner with the family. There is just me, my father, Cindy and her husband Dan.  Usually she cooks a roast or chicken.  A number of weeks back though I had gotten a good deal on some Baby Back Pork Ribs. I had given them to my sister and said, "Invite me over sometime!"  She makes the best ribs. I do make them at home from time to time, but there were two full racks in the pack, so it made better sense for me to give them to her.  

These are the Best Oven Barbequed Ribs. It is my sister's recipe and process. The ribs always end up fall of the bone tender and juicy.  I would never bake ribs any other way now. It really is the BEST!  We had them with some roasted vegetables and potatoes.  So yummy.  Then we had sugar free jello for dessert with some whippy cream on top! 

Chicken Tikka Alfredo

MONDAY, April 15th - Chicken Tikka Alfredo

I took some chicken thighs out of the freezer and made myself some Chicken Tikka Alfredo. This is a small batch recipe which feeds two people generously. I took the liberty of cutting it in half yet again so that I had only one serving.

If you enjoy a good curry, then you will really enjoy this tasty riff on the traditional alfredo. Nicely spiced, with a rich and creamy sauce, along with plenty of pieces of marinated grilled chicken. This is a winner!

Because you have a protein and starch in one all you need on the side of this is perhaps a nice leafy salad. You could also have a warmed up mini-naan bread or two. This is fabulously delicious!

Simple Scottish Tattie Soup

TUESDAY, April 16th - Simple Scottish Tattie Soup

I was wanting something really simple on Tuesday so I made myself some Scottish Tattie Soup, which I enjoyed with some crisp crackers and butter.  I love simple soups like this.  Delicious and simple to put together and incredibly hearty. Also economical.   We are all watching our pennies these days.

I had been out with my sister during the day to do some stuff for our dad. While we were out we each picked up a slice of chocolate cake at the shops.  They sell the La Rocca cakes by the slice.  We love, LOVE the Chocolate Fudge one.  

I knew I had a nice big piece of cake to look forward to after the soup so I did not really feel deprived having a bowl of soup for my supper. I wouldn't have felt deprived anyways as this is a delicious and hearty soup!

Baked Western Sandwich

WEDNESDAY, April 17th - Dinner out with Dad and Hazel

On Wednesday nights I usually go out for dinner with my father and his friend Hazel.  Some weeks my sister joins us. This week she didn't  

We usually go to a local eatery called The Big Scoop Family Restaurant and Take Out.  We have been doing there for years. Its comfortable and the food is quite good and reasonably priced. Plus they know us and we are always treated very well.

This week I had the Denver Sandwich with home fries.  I wasn't feeling like much really. I just wanted a sandwich and I do really love a Denver Sandwich.  It is like an egg omelet sandwich, with a filling of an egg omelet which has ham, peppers and onions in it.  

In its place I am sharing my recipe for a Baked Western Sandwich with Oven hash.  This is another small batch recipe and makes enough for two sandwiches.  The omelet bakes in the oven on a small sheet pan. Some hashed potatoes and onions bake separately. Altogether this makes for a really delicious meal that I always really enjoy every once in a while. Economical too. 

Cherry Tomato and Sausage Bake

THURSDAY, April 18th - Cherry Tomato and Sausage Bake.  Beautifully baked sausages on a bed of sweet cherry tomatoes, flavored with balsamic and herbs. Oh so scrummy! You'll want some crusty bread with this to help sop up all the juices!

Dinner doesn't get much easier than a tray bake! And this one is a real winner. I served it simply with some boiled baby potatoes and green beans on the side.  Supper was delicious.  One thing that I like about this recipe is that you can easily make only enough for one or two people, which is what I did.  I was  missing the crusty bread but all of those pan juices were lovely smashed into the potatoes.

Elizabeth's Salmon Casserole

FRIDAY, April 19th - Elizabeth's Salmon Casserole

Fish for Friday with Elizabeth's Salmon Casserole.  This is a simple and hearty casserole which makes great use of store cupboard ingredients.  I love this, and there is no cream soup used either.  Tinned salmon is mixed with cubed and boiled potatoes along with some vegetables and a simple cream sauce and baked with a crispy buttered bread crumb topping.

It goes together quickly and easily and is quite economical as well.  All you really need on the side of this is a salad.  Simple.

Smothered Chicken

SATURDAY, April 10th - Smothered Chicken .   This delicious chicken dish only tastes high in fat and calories.  This is the ultimate in comfort food, but its actually low in fat, calories and carbs.  

Diabetic friendly.  Serve with brown rice if you are diabetic, otherwise it goes very well with mashed potatoes.  Yesterday I enjoyed it with some leftover boiled potatoes from the other night. I had been going to make a potato salad with them, but simply broke up the leftover potatoes (not wanting to waste them) and heated them in a warm skillet with a bit of butter to keep them from sticking.  I had steamed broccoli with it as well, but any vegetable would do!

And there you have it, all of the deliciousness of my last seven days. I ate quite well. I kept everything within budget as well as trying to eat fairly healthy.  If you have any suggestions, questions or comments please leave them below in my comments section!

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  1. I need an invite to Cindy's for Sunday dinner, it always looks so delicious. The Denver sandwich looked good when you went out. The Scottish tattie soup is my kind of soup, added that to the Grow bookmarks for making later on. Have a good week. PS - got the Grow email with this new post in it today.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I hope you enjoy the soup. Also happy you have gotten the Grow email! Thanks for letting me know. That means that its working as it should! xo

  2. Just wanted to let you know your email came through GROW as well. Thanks again for all your hard work in putting together delicious recipes for us.

    1. Thanks very much Elaine. Just making sure everyone has transferred over before I stop the Mad Mimi. Sorry if there is any inconvenience or duplications in the meantime! You are very welcome! xo


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