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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Nigel Slater - The Kitchen Diaries II

Last night I went to bed with Nigel Slater . . . and I have news for you . . . tonight I'm going to do it again.  YES!  My copy of Kitchen Diaries ll arrived through my letter box yesterday and I am in love.  Just look at that cover with all of it's tasty looking splodges. 

Nigel . . . Nigel . . . Nigel . . . you sure know the way to a woman's heart.

From Nigel's page:

A Kitchen Chronicle. My latest book and the second volume of The Kitchen Diaries.
A collection of notes, essays, jottings and recipes compiled over the last three or four years. As you might expect from the title, this is a very personal book, written and photographed in my own kitchen. Not a television tie-in, but many of the recipes are those from the BBC1 series Simple Suppers and Simple Cooking.

Over 200 photographs of things I have cooked at home over the last few years, taken as always by Jonathan Lovekin.

Fourth Estate, London 2012

"His words touch something deep and primitive: appetite. A gorgeous book in the pure sense." Sunday Telegraph


You won't regret it.  Then you can go to bed with him too.

Note:  I bought my own book and was not paid or reimbursed for anything I have said here today.  I just love Nigel Slater . . . end of. He cooks like I cook, and like I want to eat.


  1. I love the cover! Looks as though there is another cookbook in my future!

  2. Ha,ha! She sighs over a cookbook. I'm not familiar with your Nigel, but I will check him out : )

  3. Ahora mismo no se cómo he llegado hasta tu blog alegro de estar por aquí.
    Me quedo como seguidora (follower)
    La cocina de Mar

  4. Can't wait to see your new book - as for Nigel - yes my bed is beckoning :))
    Mary oxo

  5. Mine is due to arrive today so I am hoping to join you in bed with Nigel tonight ;0)

  6. Hi Marie! This is going to be my next purchase. Looking forward to see if they've got it at my local book shoppe for a preview :)

  7. What a beautiful book! I don't always comment but I always love what you have to say Marie! Much love across the miles!


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