A Lighter Tuna Melt

Tuesday 25 August 2015

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 I was recently invited to become part of the 2015 Better with Leerdammer Blogger team.   As a member of the team I would be challenged to create a sandwich with the ingredients provided for five days running.  I am a big fan of Leerdammer and so for me, this is a delicious challenge to fulfil! This is Day Two!

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The ingredients list for today included:  Can tuna, red pepper, green pepper, spring onion, light mayonnaise, loaf of bread, Leerdammer Light, Watercress or rocket, Lemon, Olive oil

I used all of the ingredients with the exception of the Olive oil, which you could use if you wanted to by drizzling a bit over the top of the finished sandwich, but it's not necessary.

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It's nice to know that going light doesn't mean that you have to compromise on either taste or looks.  This was fabulous!  Lots of crunch from the fresh vegetables, a bit of richness from the mayo, (I did add some grainy mustard for flavour as well)  and of course that delicious cheese melting over top was pretty moreish also.   LIGHT Leerdammer people, LIGHT!  The recipe allows for two servings.  You will want a knife and fork for this one!  Yum!

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*A Lighter Tuna Melt*
Serves 2
Tuna melts don't have to be filled with calories and fat and light tuna melts don't have to be lacking in flavour!  Try this one and I guaranteee you will be pleasantly surprised! 

2 thick slices of a rustic bread, lightly toasted
1 tin of tuna chunks in spring water (160g/6 ounces) drained and flaked
2 TBS of light mayonnaise
1 tsp grainy mustard
1 spring onion, trimmed and chopped
2 sweet gerkin pickles, chopped
2 TBS chopped red pepper
2 TBS chopped green pepper
(Be careful as you will need thin slices of each for the finish, cut these first and then
chop the remainder.)
a squeeze of fresh lemon
salt and black pepper to taste
2 slices of Leerdammer Light cheese
fresh rocket to garnish 

Heat the grill on your oven to high.   Flake the tuna into a bowl.  Mash together with the mayonnaise and mustard.  Stir in the spring onions, pickles and peppers.   Add a squeeze of lemon and season to taste with some salt and black pepper.  Divide the mixture between the two slices of toasted bread, spreading it to the edges.   Top each with one slice of Leerdammer Light cheese.  Top each with one slice of red pepper and one slice of green pepper.  Pop under the grill until heated through and the cheese is bubbling and golden.  Sprinkle with a few leaves of fresh rocket and serve immediately with knives and forks!

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The cheese used in this was Leerdammer Light. Thanks to LEERDAMMER® Light, wilful Gourmets are also enjoying the pleasure of the mild-nutty LEERDAMMER® taste, with 38% less fat and 50% less fat than cheddar. 


  1. I think the green pepper adds..although I prefer red..green is the taste of my youth and I find it adds something nothing else can..well done!

  2. Green pepper is the taste of my youth also Monique. I don't think I ever saw a pepper that was another colour! We only had green ones! xoxo


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