Lemon Madeleines

Sunday 30 August 2015

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I have always wanted to bake Madeleines.   I have had a silicone Madeleine pan for quite a while now and had never used it.  Today was the day.

Ahhh  . . . .  Madeleines. That little French butter cake that most (non-French) people think of more as a cookie.

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Madeleines have a classy, somewhat literary reputation . . . .  having served as Proust's muse in his famous "Remembrance of Things Past."   They are delicious when eaten just from the oven and cooled until barely warm.

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They will keep for a day or two in an airtight container, but will start to lose that nice crisp texture after awhile, so I do recommend eating on the day.  These are lemon scented ones  . . .  but you can find recipes for just about any flavour.

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Chocolate, rose, vanilla, lavender, and orange are all popular versions. Some people like to add mini chocolate chips and still others add a glaze.  I was quite happy with just a dusting of icing sugar.  

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I confess I can no longer tell you where I got the original recipe from.  I had written it down quite some time ago, when I first got my pan.  I really should know better than that.  In any case . . .  these were quite good, although I did not get the bump that people like to see on the bottom side.   Apparently if you freeze the pan before filling and baking this helps.  I will try that next time!

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*Lemon Madeleines*
Makes 24
Little lemony puffs of air.  You will need a Madeleine pan for this, or a mini muffin tin.

2 large free range eggs
2 TBS caster sugar
2 TBS icing sugar
2 tsp finely grated lemon zest
35g of self raising flour (1/4 cup)
35g of plain flour (1/4 cup)
75g of unsalted butter, melted (scant 1/3 cup)
1 TBS fresh lemon juice
icing sugar to dust  

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Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas mark 6.  Butter a madeleine tin really, really well, or a mini muffin tin.

Beat the eggs, sugars and lemon zest with an electric whisk until they are thick and light yellow and trail a ribbon when you lift the beaters out of the bowl.  Sift both flours together three times.   Sift again over top of the bowl of egg mixture.Add the lemon juice to the melted butter and pour down the side of the bowl into the batter. Fold all together with a metal spoon. 

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Drop by heaped tablespoons into each hole of the tin.  Bake for 10 minutes until risen, set and golden about the edges.  Tip out onto a wire rack to cool completely.  Sift icing sugar over the cooled madeleines to serve.  Store any leftovers in an airtight container. 

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I have tried storebought ones before and always found them disappointing, not at all like what I have read about, which is why I have wanted to make my own.  I was really quite pleased. Hopefully one day I will get the little hump which is desired!


  1. Oh dear look absolutely lovely and yours pictures look stunning !!
    Love the cup of tea with madeleines.
    Still I can't find the mold.But always I wanna make Marie:)
    Beauty post Marie :)

    1. Thank you so much Gloria! You could also do these in a mini muffin tin. They won't look like little shells, but will still taste good! xoxo

  2. I know haha! But I want a madeleines mold lol yes Im like a girl sometimes :)

  3. I make my own madeleines in a tin that belonged to my mum which was purchased in the fifties in Germany.
    There is nothing better than homemade madeleines
    Julie xxxxx
    You can get the tins in Lakeland

    1. That's great to know Julie! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  4. We have often discussed making these for someone's classes. My tin makes 12 at a time which is a little slow when you need about 100. When somebody was in Noumea they found a mould which made itsy bitsy ones and was very cheap by our standards and did not bring it home! I have been asked to look since then and have not found one. Yummy recipe.

  5. You can get humps w/ the silicone:) I have the silicone and I get humps..I must have just lucked out though because you are most definitely the better baker.I like you with the crwon:)
    They are adorable marie..so so cute and your cup is very sweet..apple blossoms?
    I like seeing you familiar tablecloth..very Cath Kidson!

    1. I will have to try this recipe again Monique and see if I can get the humps! The tea cup and saucer is Katie Alice and the tablecloth is Greengate! Both things which I really love! xoxo


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