Vegetarian Dagwoods

Wednesday 26 August 2015

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I was recently invited to become part of the 2015 Better with Leerdammer Blogger team. As a member of the team I would be challenged to create a sandwich with the ingredients provided for five days running. I am a big fan of Leerdammer and so for me, this is a delicious challenge to fulfil!  I also love sandwiches!  This is a definite win/win situation!   This is Day Three!

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The Ingredients List for today was:  Baguette, Pesto, Rocket, Leerdammer Light, Mint, Walnuts, Fruit Chutney.

I used all of the ingredients with the exception of the Mint.   I also added some of the leftover vegetables from the past couple of days as I hate waste.

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Dagwoods, or as they are also known Submarine sandwiches have always been a very popular sandwich.   There are several really big chains of restaurants that sell only these types of sandwiches, which consists of layering meats and vegetables in between the halves of baguettes along with meats and cheeses.

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There is no meat here.   Just lovely sliced fresh veg, and that tasty Leerdammer cheese on a baguette which has been spread with lovely Basil Pesto on the bottom and with a delicious spiced Mediterranean Chutney on the top, with toasted walnuts added for some texture and additional crunch.  For vegetables I used red and green peppers, rocket and sliced tomato.   This went down a real treat.  It was fabulously delicious!

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*Vegetarian Dagwoods*
Makes 4

Proof positive that a delicious sandwich doesn't always have to contain meat!  I like to make these a few hours ahead, wrapping and chilling them before cutting 

1 fresh French Baguette (12 inches long)
softened butter
4 TBS fresh basil pesto
a few handfuls of fresh rocket leaves
4 slices of Leerdammer Light cheese
thinly sliced vegetables (I used leftovers from the last few days, fresh sweet bell pepper, red onions, tomatoes)
a handful of toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped
4 TBS Tomato Chutney (I used Mediterranean) 

Slice your baguette in half lengthwise.  Spread lightly with softened butter.  Spread the bottom half with the pesto and the top half with the Chutney.   Cover the bottom with the fresh rocket.   Cut the cheese slices in half diagonally and lay across the rocket.  Top with your sliced vegetables and chopped walnuts.  Place the top half of the baguette on top, chutney side down.  Press lightly and then wrap tightly in some plastic cling film.  Chill for at least an hour prior to cutting into four slices to serve.

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The cheese used in this was Leerdammer Light. Thanks to LEERDAMMER® Light, wilful Gourmets are also enjoying the pleasure of the mild-nutty LEERDAMMER® taste, with 38% less fat and 50% less fat than cheddar.


  1. But Leerdammer tastes of nothing.

    1. I do not find that to be so Tofffeeapple. I like it. To each their own I guess.


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