Happy Birthday Cadbury Milk Tray!

Monday 24 August 2015

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Guess who is 100 years old?   Cadbury's Milk Tray and they are celebrating 100 years with a sweet makeover!  Yes, this August Britain's iconic Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates have undergone a  special makeover in celevration of it's 100th birthday.   From the beautifully redesigned box, to three new delicious flavours, there has never been a better time to gift a box of Cadbury Milk Tray to a loved one.

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New Cadbury Milk Tray sees the Cadbury-purple box get a striking new modern makeover with packaging that is as beautiful sa a gift wrapped present.  The newly designed case, created to celebrate this special centenary, features a series of stand-out, fun chocolat icons that represent the delicious products inside, so now you can see on the outside all the delicious treats that are within.   This extra-special box also wears its Royal Warrant on the front of the pack; extra proof of just how special Cadbury Milk Tray really is.

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Hitting the shelves this month, new Cadbury Milk Tray now also includes three new mouth watering flavours . . .

Apple Crunch - plays on the quintessentially British treat, combining the much loved flavours of apple pie with smooth Cadbury Chocolate.

Salted Caramel - A sweet treat with a chewy salted caramel layered in delicious Cadbury chocolate

Chocolate Truffle - a smooth milk chocolate truffle encased in a solid milk chocolate shell.

Ideal for any occasion new Cadbury Milk Tray comes in a variety of sizes and is now even more gift worthy than ever, making it the perfect thoughtful gift for your parter, family or friend.

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"All because the lady still loves Milk Tray."

Available box sizes:

78g   (£1)
180g (£4.25)
360g (£8.49)
530g (£12.99)

Recommended prices only.  Retailers are free to set their own prices.

Pssstt!!  Loving the new Apple Crunch!  Sooo tasty!


  1. Hi Marie Rayner from a fellow Canuck still in the UK. It was the Dutch Almond Thins recipe that led me to your page. They look just like my favourite supermarket brand which have become prohibitively expensive to buy so I cannot wait to get started on your recipe. :-) Best from Lydia

    1. Hi Lydia! I hope that they meet your expectations and that you enjoy them! I really miss the UK. xo


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