The AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener

Thursday 25 November 2010

One of my most vivid childhood memories is of the time my mother almost cut her thumb off. She was slicing cold ham for our dinner and because the knife was dull, she was having to put undue pressure on it . . . the knife slipped and you guessed it . . . instead of slicing through the ham, it sliced through her thumb, almost severing it. I remember having to run across to one of our neighbour's homes to get help. I couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old at the time. It is a memory that has stuck with me to this very day.

The most dangerous tool in any kitchen is a dull knife.

I was quite excited a week or so ago when Miriam contacted me and asked me would I like to test run the Any Sharp Pro knife sharpener. Having just recently been given a set of lovely knives I really jumped at the chance to try something out that might help to keep them beautifully sharp.

Oh, yes, I do have a knife steel, but to be honest I am always a bit leery when I use it . . . using one always requires a lot of skill in keeping your knife at just the right angle so that you sharpen them instead of ruining them. So far I've always been lucky . . . but . . .

I was invited to go and watch a brilliant video here on Youtube. It makes it's point (no pun intended) in quite a humorous and entertaining way! (depending on how mush sense of haha you have.)

In the intitial e-mail I was told that the Any Sharp Pro was simple to use, easy to store and extremely efficient. I was dying to try it out. Once it arrived I realized first hand just how brilliant it was. There are some really big features in this very small package!

Using the very latest in Octupus Technology, that is to say a Power Grip suction cup, leaving both hands free. I found it to be incredibly stable once I had affixed it to the counter top. I didn't need to dampen it down like most suction cups and once I had it clamped down there was no moving it . . . until I was finished and released the lever.

Another thing that really made it stand out was it's relatively small size. Easy to store in the kitchen where you will actually use it, it's just under 2 1/2 inches in diameter, roughly the size of a yoghurt cup. It easily fits into a drawer and is quite inconspicuous sitting on the countertop next to your knife block.

It's brilliant design allows you to maneuver just about any knife, scissor or blade into it easily without being restricted by the size or shape of the blade. The open design also makes it incredibly easy to use and versatile enough to be able to sharpen your whole collection of knives in just minutes.

Stylishly packaged in a stainless steel tin, it comes complete with a 10 year product lifetime guarantee, a beautiful chef's presentation ring and a tasty recipe card. It's not very often in this modern throwaway age that you get a product guarantee like that!

Product features include:
  • Use on kitchen cutlery, gardening shears, lawnmower blades, serrated knives and more
  • Diamond precision hones the blade to its proper angle; patented design produces results that are superior to those from traditional steel or stone
  • Removes only microscopic amounts of metal
  • Unique round design and PowerGrip suction bottom makes it safe and easy to use; exterior has zinc alloy finish

The Any Sharp Pro would make a fabulous gift for that cook in your life, or even for yourself. I am very impressed with it and highly recommend! Compact, efficient, and extremely effective, I’ve now got a whole set of newly sharpened, high quality knives that can cut through anything with ease. It is available to buy direct from HERE at a very reasonably priced £29.99

It's also available on Amazon at the same price.

PSSST!!!! They also have their very own Recipe Club!


  1. Wow - it does look good Marie - I'm off to watch that video!

  2. I have always wanted something - other than a steel, which I can't use for toffee! - that will actually make knives razor sharp. Keith does ours with WD-40 on a stone but if this thing works well I'd think it cheap at twice the price!

  3. Ooo, would make a nice Christmas gift.

    (And thank you for your prayers, Marie!)


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