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Monday 26 October 2015

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I was recently sent some Serious Pig Charcuterie to review in the way of several snacking salami sticks, notably the Classic and the Chilli and Paprika.

“Serious Pig” is a  British company, a London based craft meat business, whose idea for snacking salami was thought up over a couple of pints and a few less-than-mediocre snacks eaten down at their local.  Since then, the pair have created arguably some of the best snacks in the country in the shape of two snacking salamis and a sliced lean offering, which they call snakingham.  All products have been expertly crafted using the finest British pork available and seasoned to perfection. They are now leading a crusade to inspire food brands to be more transparent about their ingredients.

The Peckham based charcuterie business has launched a "craft not crap" campaign to stop brands from misleading customers about unhealthy, overly processed junk foods and get the country snacking on more authentic products.

This campaign comes after leading scientists, writing in the British Medical Journal recently called for a pan on artificial trans fats from processed food which they claim (the BMJ) could save 7,000 lives.  As it stands at the present, there are no laws specifically designed to ensure food manufacturers label trans fats associated with processed foods.  Serious Pig founder George Rice claims that Producers hold the power to do this.

As a part of its initiative, Serious Pig is pledging to be fully honest with it's customers by adfding images, tasting notes and descriptions of two breeds of pigs to its website.  They are then hoping to encourage people to vote, via social media, for the pig they think would taste best in it's next batch of snacks.   The campaign aims to educate larger food manufacturers about the benefits of being transparent with it's customers and give consumers a rare glimpse into an honest, and open product creation process.

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My thoughts -  The Chilli and Paprika had a bit of a kick, but not in any way which I found to be overpowering.  I quite likes.   The Classic was gorgeous with a delicious combination of spices and herbs,  and a mix of black peppercorns which really enhanced the flavours.  In all, the classic was my favourite.   Both were meaty and I can see where they would be a popular nibble for with drinks.  I like that they are a 100% British product and I like the company's ethos in wanting transparency and honesty when dealing with the consumer.   That really strikes a positive note with me!  Many thanks to them for sending me these to try.  As always any and all opinions are my own.

Available at Boroughbox and Ocado.

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