Christmas Ready Kitchen Tips

Friday 10 December 2021

Christmas Ready Kitchen Tips
Source: Magnet

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for homeowners with cooking, cleaning, hosting and decorating to keep on top of. Therefore, a lot of our time during the Christmas season is likely to be spent in the kitchen. 

With this in mind, kitchen design and retail specialists Magnet have put together their advice on how to help you get your kitchen ready for a stress-free, yet stylish, Christmas.  

Expert reveals 5 top tips for getting your kitchen ready for the festive season, especially if you’re the host!

To help you prepare for any host’s busiest time of year, the experts at Magnet have put together these five important tips to make your Christmas as stress-free and relaxed as possible.  

  1. Clear out and clean your cupboards and fridge

Mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas pudding are just a few of the tasty festive treats which will be overflowing from our cupboards and fridges this month. To make way for the influx of festive goodies, we recommend that you have a thorough clear out before you start your Christmas food shop. 

Start by removing any unwanted items taking up space in your cupboards, fridge or freezer. If any non-perishable canned or packaged items are in date and unopened, you can donate them to local food banks or charities. When you have only your essential items left, wipe down all your shelves and surfaces before re-organising your food on them to optimise space.  

  1. Take note of what ingredients you already have and make a shopping list of only what you need 

Heading to the shops to get everything you need for the Christmas dinner and festive celebrations can be hectic. Crowded stores, low stock and a mile long shopping list can cause even the calmest person to lose their cool! That’s why it is a good idea to go through your cupboards, check what you already have and make a list of only the things you really need.  

For example, spices tend to have a long shelf life, so you don’t have to buy a new pot of cinnamon or nutmeg each year. Whole spices can stay fresh for four to five years, whilst ground spices have a shelf life of three to four years.  

Plan ahead and figure out what you can freeze - we recommend doing your Christmas shop gradually which can be kinder on the purse strings. If you buy longer lasting or freezable items as early as you can, it only leaves the fresh items left to get closer to the big day. This not only reduces waste but also those stressful last minute trips to the shop.  

Christmas Ready Kitchen Tips
Source: Magnet

  1. Prep the oven and other appliances 

One task that most people put off doing is cleaning their oven. But, what better time of year to do it, than before Christmas? Your oven is highly likely to be one of the most used appliances in your kitchen, so it is important it is clean and ready to cook your turkey and bake your Christmas treats.


Simply take a damp cloth and quickly wipe down the insides. For tough stains and grease, grab some baking soda and sprinkle around the oven, then soak it with vinegar before scrubbing. Once you have done this, grab your cloth again to wipe away any residue and smears. 

The week before Christmas, we recommend that you check all the appliances you plan to use to make sure they work. It’s also worth checking that you have enough equipment and utensils such as pans, pots, trays, foil and dishes. If you don’t have enough, see if you can borrow from family or friends instead of buying! 

  1. Make a cooking schedule or to-do list

Making a list of timings for your Christmas dinner is one of the best ways to ensure your cooking goes to plan on the big day. Note down all the aspects of your meal and make a to-do list to organise what needs doing, when and what temperature. Ask someone to look over your list with fresh eyes to see if they spot anything missing. 

If you wish to save time on the day, you can prepare items and peel your vegetables the night before. If you leave your peeled potatoes, carrots or parsnips submerged in pans of cold water they will stay fresh overnight ready to be cooked the next day.

  1. Add a festive touch to your kitchen decor

We all love to decorate our lounges and the front of our house with Christmas decorations, but sometimes the kitchen can be forgotten about, even though this is where we tend to spend most of our time during the Christmas season. 

Why not add a Christmas wreath in your kitchen window, light some festive spiced candles or hang some fairy lights on shelves to make the kitchen feel festive and cosy. If you are hosting the Christmas dinner, it is also important to plan your table setting in advance to impress your guests and set the perfect ambience. 

Christmas Ready Kitchen Tips
Source: Magnet

How to set your table like a professional this Christmas

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet shared her advice on styling your table this Christmas:

“A huge part of Christmas celebrations are focused around the décor. We all want to make each Christmas as memorable as the last, and create lasting memories for years to come. By taking the time to think about how you want to lay your Christmas table, you can add luxury touches to your festive decorations that guests will remember. 

Personalised details such as name cards or little sentimental gifts can add that extra wow factor to each person's place setting. It could be as simple as making your own homemade personalised name cards for guests to take away with them as a memento of Christmas 2021, or giving each guest their own personalised gift. 

When setting the rest of the table, pick a colour scheme to follow, so you can plan out what cutlery, crockery and decorations you will use.  Coordinate with existing colour palettes and themes in your home and incorporate festive colours such as red, green and gold. For example, by adding green foliage and candles you can add a natural element to your décor while creating a cosy Christmas ambience. 

Finally, create a centerpiece that is to be remembered, by incorporating luxury festive colours and spiced scents. Add sparkling fairy lights along the table and experiment with your presentation to find what best suits your seating arrangement in a functional but luxurious way. The aim is to embrace the Christmas spirit and create something special and memorable for all your guests.`` 

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  1. This is a really fun post. And a reminder to clean the fridge! Who knows what magical things are growing back there in the corners!


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