Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

One thing I have always enjoyed is Sliders.  A Slider, typically, is a small sandwich, based/filling a smallish bun, not much larger than two inches across.

Originally they were meant to be used for burgers, but, like everything, the sandwich has morphed to include all sorts of  tasty fillings!

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

One thing which is nice about making them is that it is a great way of making a larger amount of sandwiches all at once!  You leave the buns attached together, like a sheet of buns.

You cut the "sheet" in half horizontally and then you lay them out in a baking dish, bottom halves first and  filling them all at once, placing the top "sheet" over the fillings.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Typically they are then glazed with butter and some seasonings, covered and baked until the fillings are hot and any cheese in them has melted.

They are then very easy to cut apart and serve individually.  The very concept makes them great for get-togethers, parties, pot lucks, etc.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Of course at the moment, getting together in large groups is not a smart thing to do, due these new highly transmittable versions of the Covid Virus.  For myself and my family, we are sticking to the four people who are in our own bubble, and even those get-togethers are rare.

Most of the time it is just me. If you are lucky enough to have a partner, then you will be just you and one more.  That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy good food and party treats.   

To that end, I downsized my favorite Cordon Bleu Sliders to feed only two people. 

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

And let me tell you, they lack none of the deliciousness of the full-sized version.    They still taste every bit as delicious and are every bit as cheesy, moreish, yummilicious! 

So what do I mean when I refer to Cordon Bleu?   The term is French in origin, and translated into English simply means Blue Ribbon.  

According to Larousse Gastronomique cordon bleu "was originally a wide blue ribbon worn by members of the highest order of knighthood, L'Ordre des chevaliers du Saint-Esprit, instituted by Henri III of France in 1578. 

By extension, it now refers to food which has been prepared to a very high quality, but very good and experienced cooks. 

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Generally speaking to day it is meant to be a dish which includes ham, turkey/chicken and swiss cheese, with some sort of sauce involved.

With these sliders it means a tasty bun with several sauces, ham, turkey and cheese.  Totally delicious.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 


Today I just used the last of the leftovers of my holiday meal, including the buns, so it was a really handy way to use them up in a very tasty way!  

  • 4 brioche mini rolls ( or mini-dinner rolls or Hawaiian rolls) (Keep together as a slab)
  • 1 TBS honey Dijon mustard
  • 1 TBS full fat mayonnaise
  • 4 thin slices of baked ham
  • 3 slices of swiss cheese
  • 4 thin slices of roast turkey
  • 2 TBS whole berry cranberry sauce
  • 1/2 TBS creamed horseradish
  • 1/2 TBS butter, melted
  • pinch garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp parsley flakes
  • 1/2 tsp everything bagel seasoning (if you don't have any, you can use sesame seeds, or poppy seeds, celery seed, etc.)

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

I was able to use the last of the dinner rolls, which were still attached together, and the leftover roast turkey and the ham. I even managed to use the cranberry sauce that was left.  

The only things which I needed to use that were at the holiday dinner were the horseradish, honey mustard, mayonnaise, the cheese, and a few seasonings.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two

You can of course multiply this to feed more. If you don't have leftover ham or turkey, you can certainly use deli-meats.  

Don't like horseradish?  Leave it out and just use plain cranberry sauce.  Don't like honey mustard? Use regular Dijon.  You can also adapt the cheese to what you have to hand. What you want is a smooth melting kind of a cheese.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 


These are so simple to make. I think a child could make them actually, except for the slicing of the rolls. That step a grown up should always do! 

The idea behind these is that they are baked as a whole.  So you will need four smallish rolls that are still attached to each other.  Cut them in half horizontally so that you have two "sheets" of buns.  A top and a bottom.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Making them is kind of like making a lasagna or a bed.  You layer things in.  You will need two basic sauces.

One is made by whisking together the honey mustard and the mayonnaise. The other is made by whisking together the cranberry sauce and the horseradish sauce.   Make both of those.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Place the bottom bun sheet, cut side up, in the bottom of a baking dish small enough to hold them snugly. Mine was about 7 inches square.  Spread this sheet with the honey mustard/mayo combination.

Lay your sliced ham on top of this to cover, then lay on your slices of cheese, covering the ham completely.  Finally lay on your turkey/chicken, again covering the cheese completely.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two

Finally spread the cut side of the top bun sheet with the cranberry horseradish sauce. Spread it out evenly, and place it sauce side down on top of the turkey, pressing it lightly to make it adhere.

Melt your butter and mix it with the garlic powder. Brush this mixture evenly over the tops of the buns.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Finally sprinkle them evenly with the everything bagel seasoning and the parsley.  If you don't have everything bagel seasoning, then you can use sesame seeds or poppy seeds, celery seed, etc.  

I have to say however, the everything bagel seasoning is perfect.

Cover the dish tightly with aluminum foil and then bake the sliders in a preheated 375*F/190*C/gas mark 5 oven for 20 to 25 minutes, until everything is heated through and the cheese has melted.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

Remove from the oven, let sit for a few minutes and then cut the bun sheet in four and serve.

Two sliders should be more than ample for each person, especially if you have some salad or potato chips or fries on the side.  Store any leftovers, covered in the refrigerator.

Cordon Bleu Sliders for Two 

I have never frozen these so I cannot say with any certainty that they will or will not freeze well.  This is such a small amount however, that there shouldn't really be much in the way of leftovers.  

These are incredibly delicious and very popular.  The honey mustard mayo goes well with both the ham and the turkey, and of course cranberry goes well with turkey.  Ham also lends itself to fruity condiments and the horseradish cuts the sweetness a tiny bit and gives these a bit of zippity do dah!

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  1. These little sliders are delicious! I received my copy of your new cookbook yesterday and I am thrilled to pieces. Marie, the book is fabulous!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful info/help and also your hard work through difficult times. You have been a blessing to me. Love you,Mary Ann.

    1. Aww thanks so much Mary Ann! That makes me feel very good. I really appreciate you saying so. If you feel so inclined I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon. Every single one helps and it would mean the world to me! xoxo

  2. Sliders for Two, yes please!

    1. I Hope you will be inspired to try them Sherri! xoxo


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