Fairy Bread for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Friday 29 April 2011

I know what you're thinking . . . She's completely gone "doo-lally" this time . . . off her nut . . . over the twist!!

I mean, come on . . . Fairy Bread??? I say why not! All over this country today people will be waving the Union Jack, cheering, and celebrating the finest piece of news and festivity since the credit crunch started 4 years ago!

We're all well overdue for a smile or two, and some royal festivities . . . so why not go a bit over the twist!

We here . . . Marie, Mitzie and the Toddster . . . will be glued to the telly all day watching a fairy tale wedding unfold . . . why not celebrate with cups of elderflower cordial and Fairy Bread, I say!!!

There are worse ways to celebrate, but I think this is just perfect! Oh . . . we may stog down a cake or two and perhaps a few sausage rolls . . . but the star of this party will be the Fairy Bread I dare say! And why not!! It's pretty. It's fun. It's whimsical and astonishingly tasty! Life is for living!

Just perfect for Fairy Tale Weddings . . . and little girl's tea parties. I think the fairies will heartily approve!

*Fairy Bread*
Servings 4
Printable Recipe

Cute nonsensical fairy bread . . . essentially just buttered bread and sprinkles . . . but something fairies, both big and small just love!

4 slices of white bread
softened butter
an assortment of candy sprinkles
a heart shaped cookie cutter
dolly mixture candies to serve

Butter your slices of bread right to the edges with the softened butter. Cut out hearts with the cookie cutter. You should get at least two hearts per slice depending on the size of your cutter. If you are using a really small one, you may even get four. Sprinkle each cut out with the candy sprinkles and a good measure of love on the buttered side of the bread. Arrange on a cake plate and scatter the dolly mixtures around! Serve to some very grateful fairies. Don't be surprised if it disappears in a twinkle and you have to make it all over again!


  1. How lovely! I just made a loaf's worth of fairy bread for a party last week. It was a hit with the kids and adults alike!

    Best wishes,

  2. This looks SOOO YUMMY! And I'm so jealous! Coverage of the wedding starts at 1am here, and I'm not sure I'm going to make it through it all. I hope it's replayed TONS - and I'm sure it will be. We're all soooo glued into this wedding! I'm so excited! I, seriously, had to consider whether or not I was going to send my children to school tomorrow. I know my kids will LOVE watching this, but again, I'm hoping for replays. Oh, it's just so romantic and fairytale-like! Love it! :)

  3. oh!!!!!!!! i want to eat it all!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How cute and perfect for today. It's 3:30 am here and the coverage starts at 4:00. I made English Muffins yesterday for my Eggs Benedict this morning. Now I can have Fairy Bread. It just keeps getting better.

  5. :) so cute Marie..Marie..I must tell you I have looked at Oak Cottage a few times in the past couple of weeks..and I love that blog of yours too.
    You're one of a kind.:)

  6. Lovely Marie, just the thing for such a wonderful day. Hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did!
    Mary x


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