Morphy Innovators for December and some Scrummy Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Monday 19 December 2011

As you know I am a member of the Morphy Richards House Proud Innovators. All year I have been treated to the priviledge of getting to test different Morphy Richards Appliances and it's been great. I am a big fan of the Morphy Richards products and have enjoyed every single one.

In October Morphy Richards teamed up with Age UK and unveiled a brand new range of stylish kitchen and household products specifically designed to help make daily household tasks that little bit easier for the elderly.

A dedicated team of British designers developed the range especially with people in later life in mind and a portion of the proceeds from all sales will also be donated to provide vital funds to Age UK to help older people.

Age UK is a brilliant organization over here in the UK which works to improve later life for everyone by providing life-enhancing services and vital support.

I think it's a brilliant combination!

As a member of the Innovators and to help promote their alliance with Age UK, I was offered the chance in December to receive a product from this fantastic range to give to an elderly friend/ family member or neighbour. I was very pleased to do so.

Doreen has always been like a second mom to me. I've known her since I first moved over here to the UK and I just love her to bits. She's quite elderly now at 83 and has not enjoyed very good health over these past few years. She got the shingles several winters ago and has not really been the same since. She's always in a lot of pain and her mobility has been severely compromised. When I was asked to think of someone I could do this for, Doreen immediately came to mind.

Doreen spends a lot of time sitting in her chair now and I know that she gets very cold in the winter and so I chose for her to receive the Morphy Richards Luxury Heated Throw. It would have been no good to get her a kettle or hoover, because, well . . . she just doesn't use those things and her carers would have felt the benefit of having those type of things far more than she would have done. I thought this heated throw would be just the ticket.

The Luxury Heated Reversible Throw is ideal for draping over a bed, or for snuggling into on the sofa, or for a lap cover whilst sitting in a chair. With its reversible cream and brown colour in a soft fleece material it offers flexibility and comfort. It feels just like a warm teddy bear. (Doreen loves teddy bears!) It has ultra thin nano wires created specifically to ensure a good night's rest. When we get older our skin thins and becomes so much more sensitive to things like wires and such. There are 6 heat levels which enables whomever is using it to be able to choose just the right temperature for themselves.

It is also completely machine washable so that it's very easy to keep it fresh and clean. The electric attachment removes very easily so that you can put it into the wash. (Elderly people often struggle with things like this, so that is a big bonus.) It's also BEAB approved which means that a person is able to enjoy their heated throw with complete piece of mind, it has been comprehensively tested for all known safety situations. You can relax in the knowledge it conforms to the highest European safety standards. It also has a built in protection system which automatically shut off the power if it reaches a temperature that is higher than considered comfortable. It will also shut off if an unsafe situation should arise. Another bonus!

It arrived last week and I was so happy to be able to bring it over to Doreen, just as happy as she was to receive it. We spoke a few days later and she was really enjoying it, especially as we have gone into a cold snap over here. She is ever so grateful to Morphy Richards and the AgeUK people for this lovely gift. I also feel very grateful as I know that Doreen will be as snug as a bug in a rug this winter! Many thanks to Morphy Richards and AgeUK , and Chris from Finn PR for this most generous gift, and for making my friend Doreen a little bit more comfortable this winter!!! You are all stars! (This is the spirit of Christmas and Giving in action!)

Of course you just know that when I visited her the other night, I also brought her over some Christmas treats . . . I always bring her a goodie or two when I visit and this time I brought her a box of my whipped shortbreads, which are something that I make every Christmas.

I have been making these lovely Christmas Cookies for years. It's an old recipe from my Big Blue Binder and one that I got from my old friend Leona, a very long time ago. I just love them, and for more than a few reasons!

One, they are very easy to make and we all know I can be rather lazy from time to time. A short bread cookie that can be made without the hassle of chilling and rolling is a big bonus to me!

Two, they turn out perfect every time . . . no fails . . . ever. You can dress them up or down with a variety of sugar sprinkles, or candied cherries or even icing drizzles.

Short and buttery, they are perfect in every way. Everyone always loves them.

Trust me on this.

*Whipped Shortbreads*
Makes about 2 dozen
Printable Recipe

All the yumminess of shortbread cookies without any of the hassle of having to roll them out, etc.

8 ounces of butter (1 cup) room temperature
210g of plain flour (1 1/2 cups)
70g icing sugar (1/2 cup)

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Line several baking sheets with baking parchment. Set aside.

Place all of the ingredients into a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer for 10 minutes until light and fluffy. Drop by the teaspoon onto the baking sheets. (Leave about 2 inches of space in between each to allow for spreading.) Sprinkle the tops with a varieity or sprinkles or coloured sugars, or chopped green and red cherries.

Bake for about 17 minutes until the bottoms are coloured light brown. Allow to cool on the baking sheets. Store in an airtight container.

And over in The Cottage today, some delicious White Chocolate Dipped Gingernuts!


  1. Morning Marie,
    I've been neglecting you I know..apologies, but I hope to go back over quite a few posts to catch up...just not sure when?

    That cosy blanket looks like a warm hug and what could be better.
    Doreen looks wonderfully warm which is so important at this time of the year.
    She's a lucky lady having you for a friend ;D

    The whipped shortbreads look comforting too.
    Take care xoxo

  2. What a perfect gift
    for your friend Doreen!
    And look how she is
    enjoying it.....and YOU : )
    I love a short, buttery
    cookie and can't wait
    to share this recipe with
    my mom. Bless her heart,
    she cut out a batch of
    gingerbread men yesterday
    as well as whipped up dough
    for my daughter to bring
    cut out sugar cookies to
    school for her art class. {She
    fashioned paint palettes, which
    will be iced this evening!}
    Your kitchen is a warm and
    cozy spot to land and I feel
    very blessed to call you friend.
    Merry Christmas, Marie!

    xx Suzanne

  3. that looks like a really cosy throw! and the shortbread cookies are so delicious and perfect for Christmas -
    Mary x

  4. The shortbreads look divine and what a wonderful campaign by Morphy Richards......just what is needed as we enter Christmas week, to spread some comfort and joy!

  5. I want to read about the home products when I can really look at them. Enno and I get so cold in the winters. xo Jenny


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