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Thursday 13 July 2017

I am so excited today to be able to show you this new cookery book by Sarah Britton, entitled Naturally Nourished, Healthy, delicious meals made with every day ingredients!  What a perfect time of year to have a tasty book like this coming out, when the shops are filled to overflowing with fresh local produce! 

Following the publication of her first book, "My New Roots, her fans were begging her for recies using wholesome, nutrient-rich foods, which would come together in a snap using fresh and local ingredients.  Easy to find ingredients, rather than speciality ingredients.   I have to say that Sarah has really come through with this book , with no less than 100 new recipes, using fresh, simple ingredients for inspired weeknight cooking!

Sarah brings to the table her signature bright photography and fantastic flavours that she is known for, showing us how to streamline vegetarian cooking with chapters on mains, sides, soups, salads and snacks (both sweet and savoury). Featuring delicious recipes such as Aubergine Cannelloni and Coconut, Cardamom Blueberry Snack Cake, she demonstrates easy cooking techniques that anyone can master, as well as icons for vegan and gluten-free options.

Almost every recipe also includes "Rollover" options for using leftovers in a different recipe from the book, encouraging readers to cook smart, not hard and with less waste!

 The soup chapter gives you the option of three versions of Ministrone Soup . . . for the Spring, Summer and Autumn, along with fourteen other delicious sounding soups like Ginger-Lemon Split Pea and Garlic Cloud . . . 

I am a real lover of salads . . . and who wouldn't be when faced with choices like Sprouted Mung Bean and Mango Avocado Cups or a Rainbow Hummus Bowl.  16 tasty salads to choose from! 

 Why not sit down for a delicious main like a ButternutSquash and Sage Oven Risotto, or Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Coconut Casserole!  Who says vegetarian food has to be boring?  There are 23 tasty recipes in this chapter alone that will prove that vegetarian food is anything BUT boring! 

Simple Sides and Small Plates.  Fifteen ways to make your lunches and side dishes exciting, exciting . . .  EXCITING!  Brown Butter Carrots with Pistachios and Dill anyone???  I am so IN!! 

Vegetarian Snacking doesn't mean you have to sit around munching on carrot and celery sticks while everyone around you is binging on meatier things.  With a wide selection of both savoury and sweet snacks you can easily enjoy. Soured Cream and Onion Chickpea Crisps anyone?  Don't mind if I do, and while you are at it, keep me some of those Toasted Walnut Brownie Bites, done in no less than THREE ways!

OH BOY!  Brilliant Banana Almond Soft Serve.
Healthy never tasted so good!

I am not a vegetarian but this delicious looking book with all of its  fabulously tasty sounding recipes have me thinking I could quite easily be and not be missing out on anything!  Beautifully photographed and wonderfully presented, this is a book that will please the keen cook, veggie or not!

Sarah Britton (BFA, CNP) is the acclaimed holistic nutritionist, writer, and photographer behind the cookbook My New Roots and the popular healthy foods blog of the same name which won a 2014 Saveur "Best Food Blog" award.

She has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, and Whole Living, and has spoken at multiple nutrition seminars and workshops throughout North America and Europe.  She has been involved in numerous culinary projects, including Noma's Test Kitchen. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their son.

Published by Jacqui Small
15th June, 2017
  • Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0804185409
  • ISBN-13: 978-0804185400 

Note - I was sent a copy of this book free of charge for review. I was not required to write a positive review. Any and all opinions are my own. I think it is a beautiful book and belongs in any kitchen where people are wanting to eat healthier and better without it costing them an arm and a leg! Many thanks to Jacqui Small for sending me this copy.

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