Eggy Bread with Crispy Pancetta

Friday 19 June 2009

Sometimes you are short on time and are just looking for something quick to make for your tea. Sometimes you are short on money and you are looking for something economical to make for your tea.

Sometimes you just happen to have a loaf of brioche that needs using up, not to mention eggs and some pancetta that is about to go out of date. Sometimes you just want comfort . . .

*Eggy Bread with Crispy Pancetta*

Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Brioche makes the perfect bread for making Eggy Bread and, when you accompany it with some crisp pancetta, you have a marriage made in heaven. Todd likes his plain, but the North American in me cannot resist eating this with a good dousing of Maple Syrup!

3 TBS double cream
3 large free range organic eggs
3 TBS caster sugar
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
8 thick slices of brioche, cut in half diagonally
1 TBS olive oil
12 slices pancetta

Place the cream, eggs, sugar and cinnamon into a wide, shallow bowl. Wisk together well. Soak the bread slices in the egg mixture, one at a time, allowing any excess to drain off.

Melt some butter in a large non-stick skillet. Once it begins to foam and sizzle, add 3 to 4 pieces of bread in a single layer. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Remove to a heated plate and keep warm in a low oven while you cook the rest, adding butter as needed.

Once you have all the bread cooked, and in a separate skillet, heat the olive oil until hot. Add the Pancetta and fry until crisp. Remove and drain on paper kitchen toweling.

Divide the eggy bread between four plates and top each with 3 slices of crispy pancetta. Serve immediately with or without lashings of Maple Syrup!


  1. This is just plain naughty, this is! Eee by gum though.

    I do love your English Kitchen. An inspired bit of work.

    love, Angie, xx

  2. My hubby would just love this... he would add extra bacon ;o) I love eggy bread...mmm... Happy weekend, sweet Marie. LOVE YOU ((BIG HUGS))

  3. Yum is all I have to say about this!

  4. I think you mean French Toast ;) I absolutely refuse to call it Eggy Bread - I think it's one of the vilest terms ever coined in these fair isles!

  5. Marie this look absolutely tasty and yummy!!! wow, love so! xxGloria

  6. Oh my this looks absolutely wonderful and my hubby would love this! Have a great weekend Marie.

  7. what a great breakfast idea!! this made me drool!!

  8. Marie you KNOW this is French Toast. Is there some resistance to things francais in the U.K?

    I'll have my French Toast with maple syrup of course. But always, using French bread, true levain raised.

  9. Just printed out this recipe to try it out, I think it'll be perfect for a special Sunday breakfast.


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