Eggs, Beans and Chips

Tuesday 30 March 2010

The other morning, with packing boxes sitting around us, reaching up to what seemed to be the ceiling, Todd and I decided that we were going to treat ourselves to a nice big breakfast in the corner cafe in our nearest local town.

You know the kind of place I mean . . . cheap and clean . . . and definitely not gourmet food, but good, plain, simple and filling food. The kind of place that specializes in good old cheese on toast, chips, omelets, burgers, tea, coffee and BREAKFASTS!!!

You can usually get a really, really good, tasty and filling breakfast in these kinds of places and our local is no exception to the rule. The other morning though . . . we got into town and were really, really disappointed.

Not because of the breakfast that they served, but because they were CLOSED!! Yeppers! Opening up soon under new management. We had so wanted to hold hands across the table and enjoy one last breakfast there, but it seems it was not to be . . .

Instead I nipped into the local Waitrose and picked up half a dozen extra large eggs, a tasty Cumberland Sausage Whorl, and some maple smoked bacon. I already had the rest of what I would need at home. It meant that we didn't have breakfast until almost 11 that day, but it was rather tasty if I don't say so myself. I used my good old recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives, using some fresh chives from our garden. (Click the link to get the recipe.) It all went down a real treat. We did not really want anything else to eat the whole rest of the day!!

I had forgotten how good toast tastes when done under the grill . . . crisp and hot and slathered with butter. Much better than when done in the toaster, I think!!

By the time you read this, we shall be in our car, all packed up and heading up the M6 to good old Chester. It may be the end of our days down here in the Kentish countryside, but it is deffo not the end of my days in my English Kitchen!! Look for more tasty articles coming your way real soon!

Well, as soon as I get my pots and pans unpacked and sorted at the other end. Hopefully it won't be too long before we up and running again! Stay Tuned!! This is not the end, but merely the beginning of a Brand New Adventure. The best kind!


  1. Marie - you can make even bacon and eggs look amazing.

    Good luck with the move - we'll be looking for more from your new kitchen soon.

  2. Ooo Lovely. Just the combination to really hit the spot!

  3. You have made the simplest of meals look amazing.
    Hope you have a safe journey and get settled in soon. I can't beleive we are going to be "Neighbours" I love Chester, maybe we can meet up sometime:o)

    Happy New Home:o)
    Happy Fresh Start:o)

  4. This look lovely. A really filling meal, no wonder you didn't want anything else all day! I hope the journey to Chester goes well and I look forward to seeing recipes from your new house on here. Helen

  5. Marie, I am not familiar with the differences between Kent and Chester, but I know from experience that any move can be both sad and happy- and it's always an adventure! We look forward to hearing how you feel about your new home and your new English kitchen!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Such a pity, for going out to eat is a treat--even for a cook who loves to cook. But you know, I KNOW your breakfast was miles better than anything served up elsewhere! This is breakfast heaven on a plate, Marie... Oh, I could eat this now! :o) Hope all is going well with the move, dear friend...LOVE YA ((BIG HUGS))

  7. I agree you made this look like a 5 star meal:)

  8. Oh that looks so yummy! I'm hungry now, lol ;)

    Best of luck with your move...see you in your new home:)

  9. oooh I could eat that right now and it's not even breakfast!

  10. I love breakfasts! I think your pics look so yummy!

  11. Is there anything better than a cooked breakfast when the chips are down? I think not.

    Good luck with the transfer up north. Hope it is not too cold when you get there.

  12. Oh, this is my kind of breakfast! It looks delicious!

  13. Pretty sure you must be off line and moving right now. Thinking of you.
    Come back soon.
    Happy Easter

  14. THAT look fantastic. Can I have some??

  15. These nothing like an English breakfast. You are making me homesick. I can't wait to hear about your new home.

  16. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. This one's a classic :D
    *kisses* HH

  17. hope your move is going well. miss seeing your posts. i look forward to them every night at work sometimes perusing them again and again. i work in a windowless hospital laboratory (noon to midnight shift) and dream about your food being served instead of the hospital cafeteria food i've had for the last twenty years! love your website!

  18. When we lived in Chicago we had a teeny, tiny restaurant at the end of block called the Snack Shop and they had the best breakfast! We used to walk down on Sunday mornings for a big breakfast. We've been there since we left but the restaurant has moved and now it's big and everything is shiny new. The food is still great but the atmosphere was not what I wanted to see.


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