Easter Chocolate Crispie Nests

Monday 22 March 2010

There are certain foods that I just have to make each Easter for us to eat here in my English Kitchen. Things like hot cross buns . . .

Baked Ham and scalloped potatoes . . . if I'm in a North American mood, or Roast Leg of Lamb, if I'm feeling decidedly British . . .

Deviled Eggs . . .

Simnel Cakes . . .

There are some foods that are just traditional for Easter Celebrations. My Aunt Thelma always used to make lovely fruit breads for Easter. All yeasty and sweet and stogged full of raisins and candied peel . . . the tops covered with a lucious icing glaze and decorated with candied cherries. We so used to look forward to their arrival every Easter Holiday . . .

These past few years I have adopted the habit of making these delicious chocolatey Easter Crispie Cakes. They're so easy to make, and scummily moreish to eat.

Kids just love them. Adults likewise . . . somewhat reminiscent of the Nestle's Crunch Bar . . . there is nothing to them but good melted chocolate (two kinds) and crisp rice cereal.

Oh, and those tasty candy covered little chocolate eggs of course!!

Bet you can't eat just one . . . and I bet you'll have to make them more than once during the Easter Holiday season. Aren't you glad they're so easy to make?

*Easter Chocolate Crispie Nests*
Makes about 15
Printable Recipe

These are so easy to do and look so pretty when they are finished. I had long heard of Marshmallow Crispy Squares, but never these chocolate delights! What a sheltered life I have lived! I wish I had known about these when my children were growing up. They would have loved them!

50 grams of milk chocolate (I used Green and Blacks organic) (1/3 cup)
50 grams of dark chocolate (again I used Green and Blacks)(1/3 cup)
3 cups of crisp rice cereal
1 bag of Easter mini eggs (you will not need them all, but I am sure you will find a use for the extras, I did!)

Put a pot with some water in the bottom of it on the stove and bring it to a simmer. Break the chocolate up into bits and place it into a glass bowl, large enough to sit over the simmering water. Cook and stir until melted. Take care not to let the water boil. Once the chocolate is all melted and smooth, carefully remove it from the heat and stir in the rice cereal.

Line a bun tin with paper liners and spoon the chocolate cereal mixture in, dividing it equally amongst each cup. Place a few easter eggs on the top of each and set them aside to cool and set up. You can put them into the fridge to do this if you are in a hurry, but it may cause your chocolate to bloom. If you are a patient sort it really doesn't take that long for them to set up out of the fridge, perhaps not much more than an hour or so.


  1. :-0 oh. my.

    I am in trouble. hee....

  2. So cute. I'm sure no children or adults could resist one of these. Childhood favourites.

  3. Adorable! And so easy. I'll have to make these for our Easter because I know all us big kids will love them : )

  4. I will be definitely making these and i'm sure my parents will love eating them. They are so nice and you are right, parents and kids all love them. I can't wait to start my Easter baking....not long now.

  5. Sooo cute and so yummy--just perfect for spring and Easter celebrations coming up! Thanks for a great recipe, Marie :o) ((BIG HUGS))

  6. I love Easter ideas..Very sweet Marie..Thank you!

  7. OMW, I think I just drooled on my keyboard....I don't know which is more amazing, the recipe or your pics...you are so inspiring :) and you make me hungry LOL.

    Thanks and hugs

  8. ooooh itmust be easter if there are chocolate rice crispy cakes with eggs! yum!

  9. I tried to make these last year - my downfall was the recipe came from a WW magazine. They weren't nice and I was left in chocolate rehab!!! Might need to give this one a try ;0)

  10. Those look so yummy and like they'd be so much fun to make! The girls and I will have to give them a go! Hope things are going well with all the sorting and packing today--stay sane, dear friend! Hugs and love to you!

  11. Oh yes, memories of childhood. Only Cadbury's mini eggs will do!

  12. Those are cute! Brings back memories of the Easters from my childhood.

  13. How different and fun! They look beautiful and I know everyone will love them! Thanks for helping us to learn about different dishes! ♥

  14. We make these every Easter but use Shredded wheat cereal instead. The girls love them, even tho they are all grown up, the still request them!

  15. These look yummy and soooo Easter-y!

    - The Tablescaper

  16. I made these with the kids yesterday. So cute and yummy!

  17. the simplest really sometimes the best recipes. I was thinking about making these only yesterday.

  18. This is a lovely blog to stumble on.

    I have this in reverse. Chocolate crispy cakes I could make from childhood. It was the marshmallow crispy treats that came as a revelation when I moved from the UK to Arkansas. So sticky! So chewy! So good!

    The rule of thumb I learned for chocolate crispy cakes was; the cereal should be half the WEIGHT of the chocolate, so 12 oz of chocolate to 6 oz of crispy rice or 200gr of chocolate to 100gr of cornflakes or whatever. Add a tbsp of golden syrup (I suspect corn syrup will work just as well) if you prefer a chewy texture.


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