Cookies and Cream Dessert

Monday 7 June 2010

I love recipes which are quick to do and use things that I, generally speaking, have on hand most of the time. Things like tinned fruit,plain yoghurt, cream and chocolate covered biscuits.

I bet any one of you would probably have those things in your larder and fridge right now as well!

This recipe is so very versatile and the perfect recipe to have up your sleeve when un-expected company drops by. I have used apricots here, but you needen't limit yourself to apricots . . . fresh strawberries, lightly crushed . . . raspberries and blueberries . . . blackberries . . . tinned fruit cocktail, pears, peaches . . . you name it!!

I don't think there are too many fruits . . . tinned, frozen or fresh . . . that wouldn't be pretty tasty done up this way.

Likewise the biscuits. Any chocolate covered biscuit works . . . chocolate covered hobnobs, digestives . . . chocolate fingers . . . chocolate covered malt biscuits . . . any chocolate covered biscuit works very well!

Imagine punching your spoon down through a cinnamon sugar sprinkled creamy mixture of yoghurt and cream, stogged full of crisp chocolate covered biscuits . . . blanketing a layer of fruit.

Ohh mmmm . . . creamy and crunchy and rich and sweet.

Perfect . . . simply perfect.

*Cookies and Cream Dessert*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

A quick dessert that is not only very easy to make, but uses things I normally have on hand. You don't have to use apricots with this. Try strawberries when they are in season or a mixture of berries. You can use chocolate coated hobnobs instead of chocolate covered digestives. Delicious! Please note that this dessert needs to be served as soon as it is made as it does not keep well.

411g tin of apricots in juice
(14 ounce)
284ml carton of extra thick double cream
(1 heaped cup ful)
200g carton of thick Greek Yoghurt
(1 heaped cupful)
10 chocolate covered biscuits
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 TBS demerara sugar

Drain the apricots, reserving half of the juice. Chop up in rough pieces and divide them between 4 dessert bowls. Spoon the reserved juice over top.

Whisk together the cream and yoghurt. Break up the biscuits into rough bits and then stir them into the cream/yoghurt mixture. Spoon over top of the fruit.

Mix together the sugar and the cinnamon. Sprinkle evenly over top of the cream mixture. Serve immediately.


  1. So simple, so delicious, so mmmmmmmmmmm:)

  2. The perfect dessert for drop-bys Marie! Or for lazy summer days- thank you!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. This looks soooo scrummy...mmm... And I do have all those things to hand right now! :o) ((HUGS))

  4. I'm liking the sound of this one ;0)

  5. Yep your right, I usually have an assortment of those kind of things lurking around. I sometimes make something similar for breakfast - its fruit and yoghurt so that's allowed right?! :)

  6. MMMMM! how yummy ! sooo fresh and dreamy ! thanx !

  7. blue berries, that would be heaven to do this with blueberries, hubby and I are crazy for anything blueberry !

  8. This looks like a bit of summertime heaven.


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