The Dog Days of Summer and a Tasty Salad Roundup

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Well, here we are in the Dog Days of Summer and the temperatures are soaring and not a lot of cooking is going on in the kitchen. We are opting for cool and quick . . . summery flavours and textures, refreshing and healthy and quick to prepare, leaving us with more time to be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine!

I thought it would be fun today to show you some of my favourites that I like to prepare in the summer months. Here are my top ten! I hope you enjoy. If you click on the title of each it will take you to the original post and the recipes! Happy August Everyone!

(All my salad recipes that I have ever posted can be found HERE.)

Summer Fruit Salad

A tasty bowl of stone fruits and summer berries, lightly dresssed with mint, honey and fresh orange juice. Can you say REFRESHING?

Beetroot Summer Salad Bowl

A delicious supper salad of baby peas, little gems, cooked beetroot and ham with a tangy yoghurt and horseradish dressing!

Three Grain Salad

A hearty side dish salad filled with all the goodness of chopped apple, raisins, toasted walnuts, wheatberries, barley and rice with a warmy spiced honey dressing. Deliciously different!

Broccoli Delight Salad

Everyone's favourite, with broccoli, red onion, toasted nuts, and raisins in a delish sweet and sour buttermilk dressing!

Turkey Cobb Salad

A tasty combination of roasted turkey bits, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, bacon and blue cheese in a tangy and flavourful dressing. A meal in a bowl.

Corn and Bean Salad

A little bit different than your usual bean salad, with chickpeas, cannelini beans, tomatoes, corn, courgettes, spring onions and peppers in a deliciously tangy Yoghurt, Lime and Coriander Dressing!

Chicken Salad

A tasty version of chicken salad with mostarda di fruitta, spring onions, toasted pecans, celery and chicken! (Of course!)

A Salad of Cherry Tomatoes and Olives

Cherry tomatoes, green and black olives in an herby Balsamic Dressing. Oh so delicious!

Warm Potato, Olive and Green Bean Salad

Baby new potatoes, plum tomatoes, olives, fresh green beans, red onions and rocket in a tangy Balsamic dressing and topped with grated Parmesan!

Moroccan Carrot Salad with Green Olives and Mint

A real winner with the fresh Middle Eastern Flavours of mint, harissa, coriander, cumin . . . warm and inviting and deliciously different!


  1. These all look really yummy and good for this hot, hot weather. That turkey cob salad looks especially tasty. I'll have to write that one down. You've giving me such cooking inspiration these days!

  2. I'm always looking to be inspired and you did it here! Thanks, Marie. I am headed to the store for ingredients. xxoo Jenny

  3. What a great selection! Summertime and the heat does not lend itself to hours slaving over the stove- these recipes are perfect!

  4. Lovely salads and as for Dog Days, we were both on the same track there! LOL! My chickens have arrived today......I am so excited!

  5. Love all your salads!!! look nice my dear friend, send you huggs and blessings!! gloria

  6. wow,, wouldn't that be a meal all those together wow!!!yummy, seriously yummy!


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