Yogurt Parfaits

Sunday 19 February 2012

Source: flickr.com via Marie on Pinterest

(Don't you just love this country kitchen!)

There are three things I keep in my house at all times. Low fat yoghurts. Fresh and tinned fruit. Granola bars and tiny crunchy biscuits. They come in very handy for a myriad of reasons.

The low fat yogurts make a nice healthy snack in the evenings when you are watching the telly and longing for a treat, but don't want to go whole hog and induldge in something really bad. What's more . . . you know it's not good for you to induldge in something naughty . . . You can also throw a few tubs into the freezer and . . . presto chango . . . a tasty low fat ice cream type of treat!

Berries are healthy . . . satisfying . . . high in anti-oxidents . . . and go wonderfully with your morning oats or cornflakes. They make a lovely portable snack as well . . . and they also freeze wonderfully . . . loose . . . and popped into little plastic tubs. You always have fresh berries to hand for lotsa stuff . . . crumbles, puddings, etc. ( I always stock up when there is a special on at the grocery store and freeze them.) I also always have apples and bananas . . . an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Granola and Cereal bars make the perfect portable snack for when you are out and about . . . help to keep you away from the naughty things like donuts and cinnamon rolls . . . and those indulgent looking mega muffins. (Back home they have places that just cell nothing but the most decadant cinnamon rolls! So So NAUGHTY!!) If I have a low fat granola bar or cereal bar in my purse, I know I can very easily stave off the temptation . . . not to mention sometimes in the evening if Todd is indulging himself in a piece of cake and I just seriously want something similar . . . one of these low fat treats does the trick!

The mini biscuits have no saving grace . . . bar the fact that they are tiny, cute, tasty and one needn't feel as guilty if they are indulging in a mini biscuit . . . rather than a full sized one.

There is another tastier reason to have all these things about though . . . and that is this . . . ALTOGETHER THEY MAKE A FANTASTIC LOW FAT DESSERT . . . that you wouldn't even be ashamed to feed to guests.

It's simply a matter of layering them in your fanciest glasses or glass dishes. You can do it in literally minutes . . . a layer of crunchy biscuit or granola/cereal bar . . . a layer of yogurt . . . a layer of fruit . . . another layer of yogurt . . . a final layer of fruit and a few mini biscuits or granola crumbles on the top and you are set to go . . . easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

And the best thing is the taste possibilities are positively endless!!! Here today I have two kinds . . . fresh raspberries layered with greek honey and walnut yogurt and little coconut biscuits . . . and fresh blueberries layered with spanish orange yoghurt and litte bon maman butter biscuits.

But just think . . . orange or chocolate yogurt layered with mini oreo cookies and mandarin orange segmants . . . vanilla yoghurt layered with fresh pitted cherries and almond macaroons . . . sliced pear, bananas or apple, layered with toffee flavoured yogurt and crumbled digestive biscuits or granola bars . . . the world is literally your oyster!!

And . . . . best of all, you can make them as decadent or as low fat as the ingredients and your waist line allows!

No recipe here . . . it's quite simply an idea. Run with it and let me know how you get on!


  1. These are one of our favorite breakfast, lunch, anytime foods. (We buy the same brand of yogurt and granola bars as you've pictured!)

  2. looks yummm and summery...perfect for the heat blast that is soon going to hit us here in india...only where are the raspberries!Sob!

  3. The kitchen is lovely and love the dessert Marie loads of love! gloria

  4. I adore your yogurt! I'm doing experiments since recently I started to make it at home..and it's a new world of taste opening.. :-)


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