Once upon a time there was a little red salt pig . . .

Tuesday 19 March 2013

 photo SAM_5422_zps2d6c6de8.jpg

I do get sent the cutest things to try out.   The people at RedCandy just sent me the sweetest little red salt pig to try out and I am in love!   It looks as if a big salt pig had a baby . . . and it's red.   A "Baby" red salt pig . . . and what could be any cuter than that???   Nothing!

 photo SAM_5424_zps172cadc1.jpg

It's adorably just the right size for my tiny kitchen.   Thank you so much Red Candy!

Are YOU like me?   Don't you just love the colour Red?  Especially when it's mixed with white???  I just adore Red, and White and Red and White anything!  If you are a fan of red, or red and white, or white, you will love the Red Candy website.   There is everything  you could imagine there for the red and white kitchen, or living room, or dining room.   Red and White gifts for him and for her.   Red and white everything.

Sigh . . . I do so love red.   I am so happy with my little salt pig.   It is quite at home in my kitchen.  Don't you just love baby anything?   I do!  So cute!


  1. This is gorgeous Marie!
    I'm off to look at the website!

  2. oh Marie thats adorable, just LIKE YOU!!!!!!

  3. Oh so cute.. satrted watching Call the Midwife:) Sorry I missed the first 2 epis..Love when the pig is born:)
    Love the show..
    Great website..Pity..only in the UK:) Remember the Tetley tea ad? Pity..only in Canada?

  4. this is sooooo cute! Marie I love it!!! I love all things are cute, lovely etc. and little:)


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