Enjoying an Iced Chocolate with Tassimo . . .

Friday 26 July 2013

 photo ChilledTassiomo_zps2dd60c41.jpg

Did you know that you can enjoy iced drinks with your Tassimo machine??  I didn't either, but this month Tassimo sent me a set of TASSIMO Iced T DISCS so I could try it out for myself.  There is a set of four discs which you can use to create chilled versions of Cappuccino, Chocolate, Espresso or Green Tea's.

With this hot weather we've been having they've come in mighty handy . . . well, the chocolate ones at any rate. 

 photo SAM_7688_zpsa3564aea.jpg

I never thought I would enjoy an iced chocolate, as I am not overly fond of chocolate milk, but I have to say I quite enjoyed this!  It was so easy to make also.   The discs came with full instructions on how to use them . . . using the Tassimo Intellibrew system, we had iced chocolates in hand in next to no time at all.

Thanks Tassimo!   You helped us to cool off in a very delicious way!

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  1. I have never tried iced tea or coffee. My brain tells me I won't like them! Crazy really, I might be missing out on something I would really enjoy.


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