The Pro Cook Meat Baster

Saturday 9 November 2013

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I wanted to tell you all about the latest gadget I was sent to trial by the Pro Cook people.

ProCook Meat Baster
Clear and Green
  • Made from transparent plastic
  • Tube measurements in ml/oz
  • Silicone detachable easy grip handle for ease of cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
The meat baster is the perfect tool to help keep your sunday roasts nice and juicy.  It consists of a green  silicone handle bulb and a tube which is made from transparent plastic with measurements shown along the side in ml/oz. The silicone easy grip handle is detachable for ease of cleaning.
Measures approximately 29cm in length and is completely dishwasher safe.

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I have long wanted a baster like this all of my own.  When I worked in the big house kitchen there was one there for my working use and I used it all the time.   At home I have always just used a long handled spoon, which is ok, but I am always worried I am going to burn myself.  This alleviates that concern for me.  It's so easy to dip the tube into the meat juices without having to pull out the oven tray.  A quick squeeze of the easily held silicone bulb and the juices are sucked up and ready to squeeze out to baste whatever it is you are roasting.

 photo SAM_4273_zpsfcea58e1.jpg

I  used this when roasting a chicken  earlier this week and was  very happy with the way it  performed.   I found it very easy to use and the clean up in the dish washer was a breeze!

photo index_zpsc6e8d509.jpg

Once again, a hearty two thumbs up for performance, easy of use and cleaning, and price.  I think you will find it to be very affordable.   I can't wait for Christmas as it will sure help with the basting of my holiday turkey this year!  Many thanks to Chris and the Pro Cook people for sending it along! 

They also have a Stainless Steel version which is available here


  1. I need a new one of those. But, I mainly use it for sucking up the extra oil out of things.


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