Tingle Bells

Friday 15 November 2013

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Look at what I was recently sent as a thank you from the Zeo people.   A bottle of Tingle Bells, their newest tingling sensation, just in time for the holidays. The flavour of crisp winter berries and warm mulled spices, combined with an eclectic mix of fruits and botanicals. Made without using a single artificial ingredient and only 45 Kcals a bottle.

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And look . . . when you shake it all these gold swirls move up through it like a lava lamp!  Coolio!  

New for the holidays, this  is ZEO’s first ever limited edition.With a mesmerising effect created using an all natural gold mineral and flavoured with winter berries and mulled spices, it offers a guilt-free tingle for the festive season. 

With it's combination of sweet fruit and warming spics, from the moment Tingle Bells touches the lips the sparkling soft drink creates a tingling taste sensatio.  Not at all unpleasant and very tasty.  I know what I am stocking up with for our holiday tipple this year!

Thanks Zeo!   Love, LOVE, LOVE!


  1. I will look out for this.

  2. Aounds nice Marie, ahh I love Christmas here is in everywhere now!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Do you know which supermarkets are stocking these as I so want to try this flavour?

  4. At the moment they are available through Ocado, at WH Smith, Harvey Nichols, The Drink Shop.com and Yo Sushi.


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