Cooking with the REDMOND M4502.

Friday 10 October 2014

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I was really pleased when I was recently asked if I would like to try out and review a new kitchen appliance, The Redmond Multicooker RMC - M4502E.    When it arrived I was very excited.   It was well packaged and has a beautiful sleek appearance, with lovely lines and curves.

Over all it is about the size of a breadmaker and has a nice handle which you can use to carry it around, kind of like a baby car seat, so very easy to handle.  

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The non-stick bowl (by Daikin) that sits inside is attractive enough to bring to the table, in my opinon.  It has a 5 litre capacity.

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Also included were a lovely steaming insert, as well as some utensils to use so that you don't scratch that lovely non-stick bowl when you are using it.

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There is a deep frying basket and a measure to use as well.

In my opinion I feel that this machine would be good for people who have busy lives and are looking for a kitchen appliance that makes cooking a little bit simpler, but  without compromising on what they want to eat. I, myself, have a very tiny kitchen with very limited counterspace, and I have found over the past weeks that this cooker works very well in my limited space, as there is so very much that you can do with it.   It would be great for students as well, or for people who are caravan owners and are looking for a brilliant multi tasking appliance to take along with them in the caravan that doesn't take up a lot of space, but which serves multiple functions.  This machine can really help to make life easier for busy cooks. You simply put all of the ingredients in the cooker and let it get on with  the business of cooking, thereby freeing you up to get on with other chores.   Think of is as being similar to a slow cooker in some ways, but a slow cooker which does a multitude of tasks . . .  much, much more than merely slow cooking.

So what can it do exactly?  What can't it do???   Using cutting edge technology this machine has a total of 34 programs, 16 of them being automatic and 18 using manual control.  It's Multi-cook cooking temperature can be adjusted between 40*C and 160*C.  It has a brilliant LCD display, with 3D heating.   You can keep dishes warm in it for up to 24 hours.  It also has a "Reheat Function" (up to 24 hours), a "Time Delay Function" (again up to 24 hours with 2 timers) and a Non-volatile memory.

The "Keep Warm" Function automatically activates at the end of the cooking cycle, keeping your dish at the perfect serving temperature for up to 24 hours.

The "Time Delay" Function allows for programming the device to start cooking at a specific time.  Whether it be breakfast or dinner, your food can be waiting for you precisely on time!  (Very handy for Sundays when we spend half the day in church!)

It's great for cooking cereals, rice, soups, vegetables, stewing, deep frying, cooking pastas, making breads and cakes, and yes, you can even make yoghurts and cheeses in this machine.   It's pure  genius!

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It also came with some very good and concise instruction manuals and some recipes which have come in very handy.

These past couple of weeks I have just been trialing it . . . using it to do simple things and testing and discovering exactly  what I can do with it.

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One of the first things I chose to cook in it was this delicious Tomato Soup, the recipe of which was included in the recipe book which came with the machine.  I am basically just using their recipes to start off with until I get to really know the machine and feel confident in branching out to creating my own recipes.

*Tomato Soup*
By Redmond

500g of tomatoes
80g of bell peppers
80g of onions
70g of tomato puree
10g of ginger root
600ml of water
30 ml of olive oil
spices (I added 1/2 tsp each of ,medium curry powder, ground cumin and mild chili powder, as well as a TBS of sugar to take away the acidity and  sharpness of the tomatoes)

Cut ginger and vegetables into 1/5 - 2cm cubes.  (I peeled the tomatoes by cutting an x in the bottom with a sharp knife and immersing them into boiling water for 60 seconds or so so that the peels would easily come off.)  Place all of the ingredients into the bowl and mix well.   Close the lid.   Select "SOUP."  Set the time of 40  minutes.   Cook until the program finishes.  Pour the soup into a separate container and blend until smooth.

I also have been cooking Oatmeal in it on these cooler autumn mornings.  The Toddster and I both love our morning oats.  This machine does it perfectly.

by Redmond

150g of rolled oats
20g of butter
750ml of 2% milk
(I have also added a handful of sultana raisins, some vanilla and a grating of nutmeg, plus I top with toasted pecans prior to serving for some added crunch)

Place all ingredients into teh bowl and mix well.   Close the lid.   Select "OATMEAL."  Set the time of 25 minutes.  Cook until the program finishes.   Stir well before serving.

Verdict.  Thus far I am enjoying the experience and convenience of this machine.  It's fairly easy to operate and I have had great results so far.  It's easy to clean and I am quite happy with it.  If you would like to know more check out their web page here.   Stay tuned as I plan on showing you some more of my experiences with it in the days to come.


  1. This machine looks quite amazing so I contacted their website and it's not to be had in Canada nor can the UK version be used here.

  2. I ,might ask my daughter for one for Christmas x

  3. What a shame Amelia. But don't give up, it may eventually be sold in North America! Xx

    It would make the perfect Christmas gift My snappy!


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