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Monday 24 August 2015

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I wanted to tell you about an assortment of Very Lazy products which I have been using in my cooking lately.   The Very Lazy Chopped Garlic, The Very Lazy Chopped Ginger and the Very Lazy Garlic Paste.

With Very Lazy you get  an assortment of really great and quality store cupboard essentials that are easy to use and always ready when you are, with none of the fuss and muss.  I have always been a big fan of their chopped garlic and the garlic paste.   (I hate fingers that smell like garlic, what can I say!)

Very Lazy Chopped Garlic - (preserved in white wine vinegar) this convenient product takes away the fuss of peeling and crushing.  Perfect for stir fries, sauces and casseroles.   You don't really notice any vinegar flavour really and I love that my fingers stay smelling sweet.  One teaspoon replaces one clove of garlic.

Very Lazy Chopped Ginger - (preserved in white wine vinegar) it says chopped, but is more like shredded.   Drained, rinsed and chopped a bit more I have been using this in sauces and even in a really delicious chicken salad I made a few days ago.  (Watch this space for the recipe, coming soon.)  No fuss of peeling and grating involved.

Very Lazy Garlic Paste - Now this is my absolute favourite product.  I use this all the time, in sauces, in stews, in soups, etc.   Even Garlic Bread!  In short, anywhere you want a great garlic flavour but none of the texture of bits of garlic.  One teaspoon is the equivalent of one clove of garlic.

Very Lazy have a complete range of chopped store cupboard ingredients (Garlic, Ginger, Red Chillies, Smoked Garlic), pastes (Garlic, Lemongrass), Cooking Concentrates (Green Thai Curry, Chilli Con Carne) and Speciality Ingredients (Crushed Garlic with Oil, Grated Ginger with Oil, Piri Piri Chillis with Oil).   All of the hard work of prepping has been done so that you can quickly get on with the cooking to hand.

I do love their products and highly recommend!

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