New Limited Edition Oreos!

Monday, 24 August 2015

 photo DSCN2813_zpshsy7npjj.jpg

I have long been a fan of Oreo Cookies . . .  I like to open them up and scrape out the creamy filling with my teeth and then each the chocolate biscuit layers . . .  and aren't they just pefect with a nice cold glass of milk?   Heaven on earth.  I also enjoy the Golden Oreo ones, which are like the total opposite of the regular ones, but equally as delicious.   The Peanut Butter lover in me is over the moon however with the new "Limited Edition"   Peanut Butter Oreos.

 photo 20110330-oreo-pb_zpskolyuig2.jpg

Those two iconic chocolate cookies layered together with a delicious peanut butter cream filling.  Colour me loving it!   I don't think they'll ever quite replace the delight of the original Oreo Cookie, but they  are pretty good nonetheless.


  1. Replies
    1. I have Monique, but it's also a lot of work! lol

  2. Yummmmmm I would love to try the golden ones! I saw a recipe for Oreo cheesecake on Pinterest over the weekend.....dare I...? :) Katie.

    1. Sounds like a plan Katie! How about a Peanutbutter cheese cake with the peanut butter oreos as the base!


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