Chocolate Pudding

Saturday, 7 October 2017

I can remember when my kids were babies and I was feeding them baby food. I used to love, LOVE the chocolate arrowroot custard that you could get for them.  I am sure you can't get any such thing now for babies, but forty odd years ago, you could.  And it was very good.  Yes, I ate it too.  Bad mommy.  Bad, bad mommy.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate milk, or chocolate ice cream for some odd reason, but chocolate pudding?  I am all over it, and in this case I mean pudding in the North American sense of the word, not the British.  I mean that milky dessert that you can spoon into your mouth like a smooth sweet delicacy . . . all chocolatey and milky and rich.

Back home you can buy box mixes for it, much like you can get custard mix over here.  They come in a cooked version and an instant version, and pretty much that is what I grew up having.  I think it was in school Home Economics class that I tasted my first from scratch chocolate pudding and it was love, Love, LOVE at first taste!

There is nothing so delicious on earth as homemade from scratch chocolate pudding, with no preservatives or additives . . .  not unless you are talking about homemade butterscotch pudding or vanilla pudding.  They are equally as moreish!

I was reading a very old recipe for it the other day from a Woman's Day cookery book on desserts that suggested pouring a very thin layer of heavy cream on top of the pudding after you put it into the serving dishes to help prevent a skin from forming on the top.  Oh boy, I thought, that sounds really good and so I did . . .  just that.

Talk about manna from heaven.  This was gorgeous.  Every last mouthful.  Make sure you use unsweetened dark chocolate for this, not milk chocolate candy bars.  They would be overly sweet.

As Goldilocks would say . . .  this is just right.  So there! Rich.  Milky. Chocolaty.  Just right.

*Chocolate Pudding*
Serves 4

Dark, rich and delicious.  How can something so simple taste so good. You will never want to open a boxed mix again. 

60g dark unsweetened chocolate (2 ounces)
(broken into bits)
480ml whole milk (2 cups)
95g white sugar (1/2 cup)
2 TBS corn flour (cornstarch)
1/4 tsp salt
1 large free range egg
1 tsp vanilla
120ml heavy cream (1/2 cup)

Drop the chocolate bits into a saucepan with a heavy base. Add the milk.  Cook, whisking, over low heat, heating it gradually and allowing the chocolate to melt slowly.  It may appear somewhat grainy, but don't worry, it will smooth out in the finished pudding.

Combine the sugar, cornflour, salt and egg in  a large bowl.  Gradually whisk in the chocolate milk mixture, whisking constantly. Return  to the pan and continue to cook over low heat, whisking constantly until the mixture is smooth and has thickened, and has begun to boil.  Boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Remove from the heat and let stand for several minutes to cool slightly then whisk in the vanilla.

Pour into pudding dishes and cover with a thin layer of heavy cream. (This helps to prevent a skin from forming and tastes delicious.)  Refrigerate until well chilled before serving.

Once again, do NOT be tempted to use chocolate chips.  They would not give you as glorious a finish as this.  Trust me.

Happy eating and Bon Appetit!


  1. sounds wonderful Marie! We used to love when our mom would make pudding! She'd put a spray of Reddi Whip on top and we'd pretend to 'shave' it off like shaving cream. My dad always liked his with a touch of milk poured on top when it was already cooled, sometimes I do that too.

    1. My mom used to give us jelly with milk and sugar on it. I still do that sometimes, although nowadays it is a real luxury treat for me! Love your memory of shaving off the whipped cream! I can just picture it! Love and hugs! xo

  2. A lovely pudding, but for me the bedt bit of a custard type pudding i the skin!

    1. I have a great fondness for the skin also Karen, but this sounded like a tasty idea and was bliss!

  3. I liked butterscoth as a child..seemed there was always a box in the cupboard..this is far better..

    I am fond of mousse au chocolat and I am not a true dessert lover..except if they are knock your socks off:)

    1. I loe butterscotch pudding Monique! I like fruity desserts most of all, but this was quite good. Todd loves it, and the cream added a special touch! I really enjoyed my spoonful! xo


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