Roast Pork Shoulder

Thursday 4 January 2018

As I mentioned previously I was sent some pork to try out near the end of December by The Black Farmer, some of his new range of fresh pork raised without anti-biotics. Leading the way in being the first mainstream brand to introduce the products, The Black Farmer has worked closely with partner farms to establish farming and production methods in response to the rising resistance to antibiotics. The selection of fresh British pork cuts from RSPCA assured pork can be easily identified by the blue Antibiotic Free swing tag.  Up today  . . .  a delicious Shoulder of Pork. 

I have to say at the outset, that Pork Shoulder has never been my favourite cut of Pork, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this roast.  It was not as fatty as the pork shoulders I have had in the past and there was none of that "piggie" smell which I generally associate with cheaper cuts of pork.  I really don't like that smell and find it very off-putting, but happily there was none of that. Bonus!

It was rolled up, but I unrolled it to cook, and rubbed the flesh all over with a mix of spices and herbs.  I scattered sea salt over the crackling to really help crisp it up.

Initially I roasted it at a high temperature, and then I reduced the oven temp and roasted it until it was tender and succulent.

I have never been a person who eats the crackling (for health reasons), but it is well prized amongst many people and this crackling turned out crisp and it looked incredibly tasty.

The meat was tender and delicious.  Because I had unrolled it and rubs that spice mix all over, the flavours had permeated the meat beautifully, and I had some nice end bits that ended up being the cook's treat. 

Every cook has their treats!

All in all we were very pleased with this beautiful piece of meat!!

*Roast Pork Shoulder*
Serves 4 to 6 

Tender succulent well flavoured pork.  Yum. 

1 rolled pork shoulder, skin on and well scored
(at room temperature) (about 6 pounds)
2 tsp coarse sea salt, divided
1 tsp coarse black pepper
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp oregano flakes
1 tsp dry mustard
4 fat cloves garlic peeled and crushed
2 tsp finely grated lemon zest
60ml olive oil (1/4 cup)
60ml apple juice or water (1/4 cup) 

Preheat the oven to 190*C/375*F/ gas mark 5.  Have ready a roasting tin large enough to hold the pork in a single layer.

Unroll the pork.  If the skin has been scored, great, if not, carefully score it with a sharp exacto knife.  Pat dry.  Mix together 1 tsp of the sea salt, black pepper, coriander, red pepper flakes, oregano, mustard, garlic, lemon zest and olive oil.  Flip the meat onto its back and rub this mixture well into the flesh all over.  Place into the roasting tin, flesh side down and skin slide up.  Sprinkle the remaining salt over the skin. Pour the apple juice or water into the roasting pan around the meat.

Roast in the preheated oven for 40 to 50 minutes until the skin is golden brown and the fat is beginning to render.  Reduce the oven temperature to 165*C/300*F/ gas mark 3 and continue to roast for a further 1 1/2 to 2 hours until the meat is very tender and the crackling very crisp.

Let rest for half an hour before removing the crackling cap and slicing the meat to serve.  Break up the crackling to serve as well.

The Black Farmer range comprises a Shoulder Joint; Fillet Medallions; Loin Steaks; Loin Chops; Belly Joint and Belly Slices. Like many, The Black Farmer loves good roast pork and the meat is not the same without perfect crackling. His way is to score the fat, massage with oil and a good rub of coarse sea salt, then 20 minutes at a very high heat in the oven, before turning it down. Works every time!   The Black Farmer Pork Range is available exclusively from the Online Grocery Ocado Shop. 

About The Black Farmer 
The Black Farmer is one of the UK’s leading gluten free brands marketing a range of higher welfare, award winning pork sausages, chicken, burgers, meatballs, pork cuts, bacon, eggs and cheese. Launched 12 years ago the brand has gone on to great success with its products available in all the major UK high street and online retailers. The brand’s founder, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is in his own words ‘a poor boy, done good’. He was born in Frankfield, Clarendon, Jamaica and then, after his parents came to the UK in the 1950s, was raised in inner city Birmingham. For a number of years Wilfred worked as a chef before pursuing a career in television. In 2000 Wilfred fulfilled a lifelong ambition to buy a small farm in Devon. This inspired him to develop and launch The Black Farmer – a name coined by his Devon neighbours. His Premium Pork sausages are one of the country’s leading brands of super premium sausages.

The Sea Salt I used in this recipe (and which I have been using all through the Christmas Holidays) is from the Dorset Sea Salt Co.  It is hand harvested from Britain’s purest waters along the Jurassic coastline. This renders this brand of sea salt the cleanest, purest, and freshest sea salt on the market, offering a distinct taste of Dorset. Due to the world famous and unique geology of the Jurassic coast, our sea salt possesses a distinct mineral profile. Rich with vital minerals, their sea salt is a healthy alternative to table salt which is laden with additives and anti-caking agents. These sea salt crystals pack a punch! Because the unique mineral composition of the Jurassic Coast is retained in their sea salt, they recommend using 30% less than normal, and then work up to your taste. All I can say is, I like it! A lot.

Note - Although I was sent these products free of charge for the purpose of review, I was not required to write a positive review in exchange.  Any opinions are quite simply my own.


  1. You always have lovely veggies w/ your meals:) Love that! You take a lot of care in your meals..Sometimes.. we just have spring rolls w/ lefover tonight...

    1. We have nights like that also Monique! Today Todd was tortured with pasta! lol xo PS - your spring rolls and rice sound fab!

  2. This sounds heavenly, Marie! I think the addition of lemon is going to be superb!

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks Jane, its not a lot but with lemon a little bit always goes a long way! You are going to love this! xo


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