Brown Sugar Cream Pie

Sunday 18 March 2018

 Brown Sugar Cream Pie 

I have always found the chemistry of cooking fascinating.  The process of combining together a few (or sometimes many) ingredients, which on their own are not all that remarkable, or even very tasty oftimes, into something that is so incredibly delicious, so wow that you can scarce leave it alone.

To me is like an mesmerizing magic that astonishes me at times.  I find myself wondering about the brain of someone who was intelligent enough to be able to take that leap of faith in the first place. Take this pie for instance . . . 

Other than the pastry shell you bake it in,  it uses only four ingredients.  Plain flour. (ever try to eat plain flour?  YUCK!) Soft light brown sugar. (Fab on rice crispies or in your tea, but wouldn't eat it by the spoonful) 

Butter. (Lovely on toast and baked potatoes and bread, etc. but  again, you wouldn't sit down and eat a pound of butter on it's own.) Double cream, or heavy cream to you North Americans . . .  (Something else which is good on or in things, but I couldn't just eat it alone.) 

Four. Simple. Singularly ordinary. Ingredients. Put them together in just the right way however, and bing, bam, boom!  MAGIC!!  Beautiful. Magnificent.  Amazingly tasty  . . .  magic!

 I am betting you have just about everything for this pie in your kitchen right now.  (I recommend my recipe for the crust here. It makes two crusts, but you can tightly wrap and freeze one disk for another time.)


Brown Sugar Cream Pie.  Something magical that happens when you combine those four simple ingredients together.  

Totally hedonistic and totally delicious. Totally N-A-U-G-H-T-Y, but in a totally scrumptious way.

Rich, smooth, sweet, and unctuously delicious.  Not something you would want to eat every day, but something which you will totally not be able to resist digging your fork into, again . . .  and again  . . . when you do cave in and decide to bake it.

This pie is the type of dessert that  you would not hesitate to serve to a guest . . . or some hungry missionaries who are not bothered about calories . . . because, well . . . they walk them all off during the day anyways, and . . . 

What your guests don't know don't hurt!! They say what the eye don't see . . . the heart don't grieve!

It's blatantly scrumdiddlyumptiously glorious and so seriously very easy to put together, that literally all you have to do is to whisk  these few simple ingredients together and pour them into an unbaked pie shell.

Really. Its as simple as that.  I promise  . . . 

The hardest part is waiting for it to cool down and set enough to eat. A couple hours in the refrigerator does the trick. 

You will want to serve it in thin quivering delectable slices, along with . . .  yes  . . .  a dollop of softly whipped cream on top to garnish it. 

In for a penny, in for a pound  . . .

*Brown Sugar Cream Pie*
Makes one 9 inch pie

Creamy and delicious and not for the faint of heart! 

one 9-inch unbaked pie crust
47g plain flour (1/3 cup)
125g butter, melted (1/2 cup)
200g soft light brown sugar (1 cup, packed)
1 pint (480ml) of double cream (2 cups) 

Preheat the oven to 190*C/375*F/ gas mark 5.  Whisk together the melted butter, brown sugar, flour and cream until well blended.  Pour into the crust.  Bake in the heated oven for 50 to 55 minutes.  

The centre should be still jiggly, but not liquid.  Allow to cool completely before cutting into wedges to serve, with or without a dollop of whipped cream on top! 

True, its not is something that you want to eat too often, as the calorie and fat count must be so well off the Richter Scale of what's good for you that you don't really wanna know.  

This truly is a once in a blue moon treat, but once in a blue moon . . .  its a beautiful way to indulge your naughtier side.  

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  1. Frédérick would love this..Caro you whip your cream a bit frst..looks so thick:) I make sugar pie..but different..Thanks Marie!

    1. No, you don’t whip the cream first Monique! It’s just thick heavy cream. I LOVE sugar pie, but have never had a good recipe for it! Xo

  2. What do you mean, you wouldn't eat it by the spoonful! Brown sugar is my favorite1

    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong I love brown sugar, but I couldn’t just sit and eat a bowl of it. On the other hand, I could quite happily sit and eat this pie Jeanie! Xo

  3. This is so much like Hoosier pie, but this official state pie, aka depression pie from Indiana, uses a lighter whipping cream and doesnt add butter Hence very similar but lighter. When I've had the pie at Hoosier Mama's its the one I get cuz its light in taste and creamy. I'm not really fond of pie I tend to only like tart things but i'm addicted to this pie

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Hoosier Pie! I will have to try that one out sometime!

  4. Albeit a bit creamier Laurie, but yes, what a wonderful way to describe it! Thanks! oxoxo


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