Karma Bites

Monday 12 March 2018

As a food blogger I am sometimes sent new and innovative products to try out here in the comfort of my own home.  I was recently sent a really innovative "Healthy Snack" product. Karma Bites, Popped Lotus Seeds. Very unusual indeed.

According to the pack Lotus seeds come from the Euroyale fox flower which is a type of water lily. They contain protein as well as fibre and iron. They make a nice substitute for popcorn if you're grain sensitive or if you are looking for something which is a bit lighter.  They are also hull-less for those who have sensitive teeth and gums, or who perhaps suffer from a digestive ailment like diverticulitis.

Lotus seed 'snacks' originated in India, and the seeds are considered as vegetable in some cultures. In China and Japan they sell the leaves, seeds, roots, and stems as traditional dish  ingredients.

Lotus seeds are  also known as convenient snack that contains protein with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium.

They come in four flavours. 

Caramel - First up, the Caramel ones. The flavour here is achieved simply through sugar and vanilla coating the popped lotus seeds. They tasted rather nice, with a subtle sweetness that isn't too overpowering.  They're nice and crunchybut there is a bit of an undertone of some flavour I am not in any way familiar with. 

Himalayan Pink Salt - Light in colour with visible little specks of black, which I am assuming are parts of the Lotus seed kernals. Lightly salted and puffed, but again there is an undertone of some flavour I am not in any way familiar with, however it is not unpleasant.

Peri Peri - These had a mild but not unpleasant heat. Again, light and puffy, and moreishly crunchy. I liked! 

Wasabi - Intense, just what you would expect from wasabi. Light, puffy.  Crunchy. Not a huge fan of extreme spice these were my least favourite.

Overall, I would have to say that Karma Bites make for a great alternative and healthier snack for anyone looking for a grain free, low fat, vegan or dairy free snack.  I did find that there was a bit of an odd taste to them that was different than anything I have ever eaten, which . . .  while a bit strange, was not unpleasant, and I quickly got used to it. I think would definitely buy a bag of these if I saw them in the local shops as it is always quite nice to have a healthier snack to binge on rather than what's normally in my cupboard.

For more information on Karma Bites and to buy online, check out their website: https://www.karmabites.co.uk/

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