The Camping Cookbook

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Following the huge success of the first and second editions, the people at Go Outdoors have decided to take things up yet another notch with the third instalment of their ever-popular GO Outdoors Camping Cookbook.

For the third successive year, they have teamed up with leading outdoors and foodie bloggers (Including myself) to bring you a host of delicious and easy-to-make campfire recipes - and this time we’ve made things even more convenient for you!

Our one-pot recipe special features a range of super-convenient and unbelievably tasty meals that you can prepare and eat on your next camping trip. What’s more, it’s completely free.

From gluten-free and diet-friendly options to vegan and vegetarian recipes, you’ll find everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-day snacks across our three volumes. 

Download the new edition of The Camping Cookbook now so you can print it out and take it with you on your next outdoor adventure or browse through their new recipe hub to find and print your favourite recipe. Just follow this link to go to the page where you can download this latest cookbook, plus their past versions, all for free!   I am so pleased and honored to be a part of this project and I can tell you from the outset that I am in very good company!  Many thanks to the people at Go Outdoors for including me in this project!


  1. Thank you so much for the link to these wonderful cookbooks. As an avid sailor and outdoorsmen these recipes are much appreciated...

    1. You are very welcome Paul! Aren't they great!


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