The Essential Illustrated Guide to Baking

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cake! Seriously what’s not to love about the stuff? The perfect sweet treat for (almost!) any time of day and the ultimate celebration food (it’s someone’s birthday somewhere…). However, so many people rely on the poorly made shop bought versions which just aren’t the same as a well baked home-made sponge, swiss roll or carrot cake…

The best place to start with home baking is to make sure you have some good quality kitchenware and baking equipment, you’ll need to make sure you have a form of measuring equipment be that a measuring jug, a set of scales or some measuring cups, then it’s the mixing equipment, a sturdy mixing bowl is a must-have along with a whisk, wooden spoon and perhaps a sieve or strainer too. Finally, you’ll need something to bake your cake in; the size, shape and style of your pan will depend greatly on the type of cake you’re making so make sure you have an idea of what cake you’d like to bake first! 

Once you’ve gathered your bakeware and have found and followed a recipe it’s time to bake! Now almost every recipe you come across will have temperature and cooking time for your cake listed, however these can differ ever so slightly when using a slightly different shaped pan or a different style of oven, check out the guide below to double check and happy baking!


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