Sweet Kettle Corn

Sunday 3 May 2020

Every Monday Night in our church we have what is called Family Home Evening.  Its an evening set aside for families to do something together as a family.  Its a wonderful opportunity for families to strengthen their relationships with each other, foster family unity, and to have some fun together.  There will be some spiritual lesson included of course, but in a fun way, as well as games or wholesome movies, and always a snack of some sort.

Some families even do activities together on those nights, such as bowling or playing football, etc.  Its just a wonderful opportunity for families to spend some quality time together.  Its not just for families with children either. Singletons get together as groups, and married couples who are empty nesters do as well. If you are interested in learning more you can read more about it here.

 Of course you don't need to be a member of a church to enjoy family moments together!  And certainly at the moment we are all having the brilliant opportunity to be able to spend special moments together with our families.

One special part of sharing an activity together is being able to enjoy a snack or something delicious to eat that you normally wouldn't have!  A treat as it were!

One popular treat that children (both young and old) really enjoy is this quick and easy Sweet Kettle Corn!  Its not overly sweet and is filled with fibre as well.  It is the perfect snack to enjoy together while you are playing games or watching a film.

Its also very simple to make. You just combine a quantity of oil and sugar in a heavy based pan and heat it over moderate heat.

Pop in some un-popped popcorn and then place a lid on top and wait for the popping to start.

Once the popping starts you need to shake the pan aggressively over the heat of the burner until the popping stops.

Dump it into a bowl, salt and Bob's your Uncle!  Done and ready to enjoy!

I have also seen people add food colouring to the sugar and oil mixure as well, to make pink popcorn or whatever.  I like it just plain.  Not too sweet. Not too salty.  Just right.

When I was child I used to love it when my mom bought us a pack of Jiffy Pop to enjoy together.  Watching that foil bag expand over the heat of the burner seemed just like magic to me!

Of course now that I am older popcorn is not quite the treat for me that it once was, but it is still a rare treat that I enjoy now and again, once in a blue moon.

I am afraid that my diverticulitis and gums don't allow me to enjoy it as much as I used to.  And Todd is not fond of it at all . . .

We had a hot air corn popper when my chicks were all still in the nest and we often had popcorn as a bedtime snack. Oh how they loved that.

Oh, and movie popcorn.  That is one thing I have always loved most about going to the movies, the smell of the popcorn.  We never buy any however.  They charge an arm and a leg for it these days and in most theatres now it comes in already popped by the bagful.  They just dump it into these big heated plastic cases to warm it up.

I don't think it is quite the same somehow  . . . not the same at all.

I suppose it is considered progress, but something gets lost in the translation I think.  Something really important. In any case next time you sit down to enjoy a film or game together why not make up some of this Sweet Kettle Corn for your family to enjoy!  Build a happy memory together!

Sweet Kettle Corn

Sweet Kettle Corn

Yield: 15 cups
There is something about the sweet/salty/crunch combination of this snack that is incredibly moreish.  Very simple to make as well.


  • 65g unpopped corn kernels (1/2 cup)
  • 95g sugar (1/2 cup)
  • 80ml cooking oil (1/3 cup)
  • fine sea salt


  1. Combine the sugar and oil in a large heavy bottomed  kettle which has a tight fitting lid.  Heat over moderate heat and add the popcorn.  Cover tightly. Once the corn begins to pop, shake the pot aggressively over the heat of the burner until the corn stops popping.
  2. Carefully dump the corn into a bowl to serve and season to taste with salt. Serve immediately.

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When I was six years old my father took me to the circus. My brother and sister didn't get to go because they were too young.  I don't remember clowns or elephants or anything like that, but I do remember a box of pink kettle corn with a prize in it that my father bought for me.  The prize was a pink plastic fan that was strung together with what seemed like silken cords and folded up flat.  It had a silk tassel on the end. Funny what sticks in your mind . . . 


  1. I love popcorn and make it often but have never made kettle corn. You do realize you might be creating a monster here. I wonder if you could add nuts to it. It would be good with roasted pecans....

    1. Nuts would be a brilliant addition Jeanie! xoxo

  2. Love Kettle corn and love to make it at home! I typically add the sugar to the hot oil (put three unpopped kernels in and once they've popped it's hot enough) right before adding the unpopped kernels and it helps avoid burning the sugar. Cool idea with the food coloring, can't wait to try that!


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