Celebrity Pantries: How to create your own on budget

Friday 13 May 2022


 Image source: Ivansocal | Poosh

This year, Khloe Kardashian shared exclusive images of her new £11.3 million ($15m) Hidden Hills mansion - and the internet went wild for the reality star’s extremely organised pantry.

The Kardashians are not the only ones jumping on the pantry trend. According to Google search volume data, “Pantry organization” and “Pantry ideas” have seen a 49% and 22% increase in searches compared to this time last year.  

With this in mind, UK kitchen design and retail experts, Magnet, have commented on the kitchen storage trends celebrities like Khloe Kardashian have incorporated into their homes. The Magnet team have also shared their top tips on how to design and organise your own pantry based on the most popular pantry trends of 2022! 

Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design at Magnet commented:

“Walk-in pantries are one of the most desired kitchen features in 2022 so it is no surprise to see celebrities jumping on this trend.  

Khloe Kardashian has been one of the latest celebrities to share an insight into her pantry. The star is known for her impressive organisation, initiated by her viral cookie stacking technique. It is, therefore, no surprise all her products are immaculately displayed on illuminated shelves in £1,500 worth of labelled jars and organisers. Other celebrities such as Chrissy Teigan, James Charles and Rochelle Humes have also shared their organised walk-in pantries in the past via social media, and have given many ‘pantry envy’. 

Pantry items are an essential part of your kitchen storage, as there’s usually a large number of products you need to access regularly. Not everyone will have the space for a walk-in pantry but there are great alternatives that can replicate their practicality. A slimline pull-out design works well, or you could add drawer inserts (like spice holders or dividers) to help keep things organised.  

To replicate the organisation of a celebrity, you may want to consider putting as much as you can into containers. Glassware and ceramic storage pots add a polished finish to your kitchen and help to ensure the packaging does not detract from your overall design. You could even display these on shelves or your countertops to save cupboard space.” 

The most popular kitchen pantry trends: How to design & organise your pantry regardless of your space or budget 


Even if you do not have the space to have a walk-in pantry as extravagant as a Kardashian, you can still incorporate this trend into your kitchen using space-saving solutions. 

Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design at Magnet has shared eight top tips on how to create and organise your own pantry, based on the most popular pantry trends of 2022.

  • Create a vertical pantry 

Whatever the size of your kitchen, you can make the most of vertical wall space by opting for long and narrow pantry cabinets or shelving. This way, you can save valuable floor space whilst still creating optimal storage for your food items. 

Depending on the height of your storage, you might need to organise its contents seasonally. Place out-of-season items higher up and put your essentials within reach. You could even add a wooden sliding ladder to help you reach higher-up items, whilst also adding to the rustic aesthetic of your kitchen.  

  • Label baskets and clear containers 

To make your items look unified, remove your food items from their original packaging and store them in suitable jars or containers. Keep your organisation simple and label all your items so you can easily find what you are looking for. 

  • Incorporate tiered Shelving 

Avoid forgetting what you have stored in the back of your cupboards and add multi-tier shelf organisers. This simple addition to your pantry will help you clearly see what items you have whilst making them more accessible. 

  • Utilise neglected corner space

Optimise your corner cabinets using a corner carousel to make tight spaces fully accessible. Pull-out storage space is also a practical way to help make your organisation more efficient.

  • Add a pantry blackboard 

Add an extra function to your pantry by adding a chalkboard, or chalkboard paint, to your pantry door. This fun and practical trend can help you keep track of pantry stock when writing your shopping list! 

  • Install a freestanding pantry 

If you are limited on space and budget, you can add a freestanding pantry to your kitchen to offer storage and style. This way you do not have to commit to a kitchen refurb to get the pantry of your dreams. 

You can buy a purpose-built pantry, or if you are feeling crafty you can even repurpose furniture such as an old book cabinet. Choose a colour that seamlessly blends your freestanding pantry among your kitchen cabinets, or you can paint your pantry in a bold colour to create a statement piece in your kitchen. 

  • Add fluted or frosted pantry glass doors

Pantry doors with glass windows are a statement piece on their own. However, you can add an extra layer of elegance, texture and privacy by opting for fluted or frosted glass. This decorative glass can make your pantry become a focal point of your kitchen whilst letting light flow through.

  • Add a spice rack to your pantry door 

The inside of your pantry door can be used as a space-saving solution. Attach a shallow spice, condiment or wine rack so you can easily view all your kitchen essentials. 

Make sure to organise your spice rack regularly and throw away any old or expired items.  



I composed an excellent page on how to stock and organize your larder, which you can access here.   Its a very detailed list of just what you need in a basic larder and how to keep it.

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