Meals of the Week, January 14th to 20th, 2024

Sunday 21 January 2024

Meals of the Week, January 14th to 20th, 2024


Here I am again, another Sunday, another Meals of the Week post. On Sundays I like to share with you, my readers, all of the main meals and menus that I have enjoyed over the past few days. It is good for me to review what I have eaten and it helps me to plan for the week ahead so that I don't have any repeats.

When I was growing up my mother cooked the same things every week, week in and week out. You knew what day of the week it was according to whatever we were having for supper!  To be honest it was rather boring.

Mom could have made her way through the grocery store blind folded. She bought the same things every week in the same quantity. Everything was planned exactly. There no room for error and there was no waste.

As a child I longed for much more exciting meals. Mom's meals were good, but as I said, rather boring to the budding gourmand that I was!

I think when I person lives on their own, without anyone else to please, there could be a tendency to eat the same things week in and week out, or to eat out of packets.  I am determined that will not happen to me.  And so I plan.  

I try to prepare and cook different things all the time. There is no way you could figure out what day of the week it was from what I am cooking. I think that is a good thing. At least it is for me!

I also like to take you along for the ride.  I hope that you will be inspired to want to cook along and vary your meals as well!  So here we go!  There was nothing boring here.

Swiss Steak


SUNDAY, January 14th - Dinner at Cindy's

With my father's 90th Birthday coming up we wanted to do a bit of a celebration where my brother in law could be there. Dad's birthday was actually on Wednesday and we eat at a restaurant with him on Wednesday nights, but Dan is never there as he doesn't get home from work in time.  So we had a bit of a do on the Sunday with homemade Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side.  Of course there was some Birthday Cake for dessert.

This is my Swiss Steak Recipe.  I have been making it for years and years. Its tender and juicy with a lovely tomato gravy that is beautiful served over potatoes or rice.  This was always a favorite with my own family when they were growing up.

Chicken Pie

MONDAY, January 15th - Chicken Pie

I had some chicken pie in the freezer that I had frozen after the last time I made a chicken pie. The original recipe makes enough for 6 people so I tend to make the filling and divide it between six freezer containers and then pop a small crust on top when I go to bake it for myself.  It is very easily done.

This is a very delicious chicken pie filling, using poached and shredded chicken breast meat, carrots, onions, mushrooms and celery in a rich cream gravy.  The pastry is buttery and flaky. The two together are heavenly. I had this with some salad on the side.

Sheet Pan Omelet for Two

TUESDAY, January 16th - Sheet Pan Omelet for Two

I had a very busy day and so I made myself a sheet pan omelet. This is sized perfectly for two people, or for one person with leftovers for the next day. (Makes an awesome sandwich!)  This has ham, peppers, onions and cheese in it.  I like to top it with a slice of tomato and some more grated cheese.

It bakes simply and quickly in the oven in a small lipped baking sheet.  A couple of pieces of toast on the side and I was quite happy.  Breakfast for supper. Its always a nice change. Quick, easy and delicious.

Onion Smash Burgers

WEDNESDAY, January 17th - Dinner out for Dad's Birthday

This was actually dad's birthday and so we went out to celebrate with him. We had even more to celebrate as dad had been in a car accident on his way home from my sister's on Tuesday night, writing his car off. Thankfully he was not hurt, a bruised nose from the air bag and a scrap on his leg. He was pretty shook up however.  Hazel drove him to the restaurant. The Big Scoop Family Restaurant and Takeout.  The restaurant recently changed hands and has a whole new menu. They specialize in burgers now.

Dad had Chicken Tenders and chips, Hazel had a Double Bacon Cheeseburger platter, Cindy had Haddie Bits and Chips and I had their Oklahoma Double Onion Smashie with chips.  We were all very happy with what we chose.  In its place I am sharing my recipe for Onion Pan Burgers, which you see above.

I'll let you in on a secret. Mine are way better. I thought theirs was quite greasy. I abandoned the bun altogether and just ate the meat and some of the chips.  Mine might only have one burger patty, but they are not greasy in the least and the bun is lovely and softly steamed over the onions for even more flavor!

All the waitresses got together and sang Happy Birthday to my dad which he was really pleased about. I think he even got a kiss on the cheek from one, so it was all worth it, and like I said we had even more to celebrate as he was okay and not injured in the accident!

Oven Baked Fried Rice

THURSDAY , January 18th - Oven Baked Fried Rice

We had a lot of running around to do on Thursday. With Dad being out a car, we spent a good part of the rest of the week, tending to him, bringing him meals, etc.  I was dead tired when I finally got home and so I made myself this simple rice dish.

This easy dish makes the perfect mid-week side dish!  There is no need to precook the rice ahead of time. Nor the vegetables.  You simply stir everything together in a baking dish, cover and bake, leaving your hands free to get on with something else.

I topped mine with some chopped ham and scrambled egg, so it was like a main dish. A salad on the side and a frozen egg roll baked along side and I was quite happy!

Butter Baked Cod

FRIDAY, January 19th - Butter Baked Cod

I fancied some fish on Friday and so I baked myself some Butter Baked Cod.  This is a lovely way to prepare fish. You can cook as many or as few fillets as you like.  Also called Poor Man's Lobster, this is a very simple way to cook cod fish.  Simple ingredients done well.

Perfectly cooked, buttery and delicious. I enjoyed along with some mashed potatoes and green beans. It was fabulously tasty!  A squeeze of lemon on top  and I was a very contented camper!

Jacket Potato with Chili and Cheese

SATURDAY, January 20th - Jacket Potato with Chili and Cheese 

Another day of running around and so I just did a simple baked potato for my supper/tea.  I topped it with some chili and grated cheddar cheese.  Jacket potatoes are a wonderful canvas for whatever you desire to put with them.

In the U.K. they have restaurants dedicated only to Jacket Potatoes. One of the first things I ate when I visited the country prior to moving over there was a Jacket Potato at Euston Station. Oh but it was some good. Topped with oodles of cheese it was. You can get them topped with baked beans and cheese (very good), or tuna mayonnaise (not a fan), chili, etc.  I personally really like them this way, topped with hot chili and cheese.  Delicious, especially if you serve them with a salad along side! 

And there you have it,  these were my Meals of the Week for the past week. I think I ate pretty well.  What do you think? None of it was very complicated at all. Some weeks are just like that!

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  1. Love your Sunday round-up for ideas! Going to make your Onion Pan Burger for sure. Wednesday was my mother's birthday as well - she was 103!

    1. Thanks so much Linda! Those pan burgers are the best! Happy Belated birthday greetings to your mom! 103 is quite an age! I bet she has loads of tales to tell about all the things she has seen in her lifetime! xo

  2. Altho I enjoy all of your posts, it is your Meals of the Week that I look forward to the most! Swiss steak is on my menu for this week, and the buttered cod saved for Lent...thank you!

    1. Aww thanks so much for saying so. That means a lot to me! I hope you enjoy the steak and the cod is fabulous! xo

  3. cod recipe sounds delicious. I’ll try it this week. I love this feature of your blog; I find it very inspiring for cooks like me who cook smaller meals but love having some leftovers. I also love your snacking cake recipes! There is something so delightful about a one layer cake, not at all overwhelming. Thanks so much Marie! Lee

    1. Thanks so much Lee! I really appreciate your feedback! The cod is fabulously tasty for sure! Snack cakes are my favorite kinds of cake also! Not too big, not too small, just right and always so tasty without being over the top! xo

  4. Thanks for the Swiss Steak recipe, Marie. I've been wanting this dish the way my mother and grandmother cooked it and this looks like the best version!


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