Meals of the Week, Sunday March 3rd to Saturday March 9, 2024

Sunday 10 March 2024

Meals of the Week, Sunday March 3rd to Saturday March 9, 2024


Here we are another Sunday, another meals of the week post. The one where I share every main meal that I have cooked, eaten and enjoyed over the past seven days.  This week is slightly different as I spent the earlier portion of the week feeling quite ill, having come down with a tummy bug, or what they call in the U.K.  . . .  "The Winter Vomiting Bug."

I know. Not nice and let me tell you I did not feel very nice. It actually took me a few days to feel back in the pink of things and was not a very nice way to end my daughter's visit with me.  My sister ended up having to take her home for me on Sunday. I hated ending our visit on such a sour note, but it could not be helps. In life, these things happen!

Never fear though, for those days that I was not fit and hale and feeling like eating much, I have substituted  some tasty options in the place. Things that I feel you might like and which would work well with the rest of the week's dinner dishes, along with suggestions of what you might also enjoy with them.

I did go out to eat twice. Once with my sister and dad, and once with my daughter and her husband. In those instances I have substituted a "like" option for you to enjoy that you can cook at home.

I hope that you enjoy the options I have chosen for you this week, and that you will be inspired to want to cook at least a few of them for yourself!


Lamb Chops with Lemon, Honey & Thyme

 SUNDAY, March 3rd. - I did not cook or eat on this day

I was still in the throes of my stomach flu, so there was no cooking or eating going on. I pretty much lay around all day as I was feeling very unwell. I did not go to my sister's for supper. She came and got my daughter and took her home for me.

I thought it would be good to showcase my recipe for LAMB CHOPS WITH HONEY & LIME however. These make a great Sunday Lunch. They are tender and juicy and full of lovely flavors.  I would serve them with some pan fried potatoes and a vegetable on the side.

Now I am all better I sure wish I had a plate of those to enjoy! Quite simply delicious!

Macaroni Cheese Frittata

MONDAY, March 4th - Macaroni Cheese Frittata

I was still not feeling great on Monday. I did make a Macaroni Cheese Frittata for my supper, but really couldn't eat a lot of it.  It was delicious and I had thought that the simplicity of it would be great, but my tummy was still not really settled. I ended up gnawing on some toast and froze the frittata.

Frittata, however, makes for a lovely light supper or lunch.  This one is really nice.  It is simple enough to make and is delicious served hot or warm, or even at room temperature.  It makes a great portable lunch as well, for just this reason and is fabulous taken on picnics. I would suggest having some salad with it, and or chips (fries).

Garlic Butter Sausages & Broccoli Skillet

TUESDAY, March 5th - Garlic Butter Sausages & Broccoli Skillet 

I did manage to keep down some toast and soup on this day, so no meals again.  I was taking it slow.  But for this day I am suggesting my recipe for Garlic Butter Sausages & Broccoli Skillet. Quick, easy to make and very nourishingly delicious!

Thick sausages are cooked and browned in a skillet with some butter and garlic, once done they are removed and set aside. Broccoli (on this day I used a broccoflower) or even green beans are blanched and then sauteed in the pan juices. I served with a baked sweet potato and it was a really delicious supper!

Cube Steak and Onion Gravy

WEDNESDAY, March 6th - Cube Steak and Mushroom Gravy

Dinner out with Dad, Cindy and Hazel.  I was feeling much better by Wednesday and ventured out for supper with my father and sister and Hazel.  We went to the Big Scoop Family Restaurant and Takeaway.  They had a hotdog/burger on special, which didn't really appeal to us so we went for the main menu.  Dad did have a plain hot dog. Hazel had the grilled Haddock. Cindy had a double cheeseburger with onion rings.  I had the turkey dinner, as I figured there was nothing on it that might set me off. It worked well and was fairy benign and easy to digest.

For this day I am sharing my recipe for Cube Steak and Mushroom Gravy however. If they had had that I might have been tempted to go beyond the norm and strike out with something a bit more adventurous.

I love cube steaks. They are a tasty way of having steak without breaking the bank. This is a particularly delicious way to prepare them.  I love the gravy.  This recipe goes very well with mashed potatoes and a vegetable on the side.  Usually I would do peas and carrots.  Fork tender steaks with a lush flavor-filled gravy. Quick, easy and economical as well.  You can't go wrong.

Butternut Squash Gratin

THURSDAY, March 7th - Butternut Squash Gratin

I was feeling pretty much back to normal by this point. I had some butternut squash that needed using and so I made a tasty gratin with it.  This served me as a Vegetarian main, but it would also make a great side for anyone who wanted to serve it with some meat.

Cubes of butternut squash were roasted in the oven with a few different herbs until just beginning to caramelize. They were then popped into a casserole and napped with a lush gruyere cheese sauce, topped with a buttery cheesy crumb and popped back into the oven until the sauce was bubbling and the crumbs were lovely and golden brown. This was delicious. I enjoyed it with a salad.

Any grilled fish or chicken would be lovely on the side of this if you were wanting a meaty main. Might I suggest my Crispy Coated Honey Mustard Oven Roasted Salmon, or Pan Fried Chicken with Sage, Garlic & Lemon.  Both would be excellent choices to serve with this tasty gratin.

Pierogi Stuffed Shells

FRIDAY, March 8th - Pierogi Stuffed Shells

Feeling like pierogis but not wanting to go to the hassle of making the dumpling dough??  Pierogi Stuffed Shells are a fabulous way of scratching that pierogi itch! You make the same cheese and potato filling but use it to stuff large pasta shells instead.  Rich and delicious and topped with loads of fried onions.  

These are delicious served with sour cream for topping and additional fried onions. I also enjoyed a salad on the side. You know, for health reasons, lol.

New England Haddock Burger

SATURDAY, March 9th - Dinner out with Eileen and Tim

I wanted to take Eileen and Tim out to celebrate his success at the Canadian Winter Special Olympics Games. He was in Calgary all last week and came home with two silver medals and a bronze in Cross Country Skiing.  We are so proud of him.

We went to Angie's Restaurant, around the corner from me, and enjoyed a lovely meal together. Tim has his usual Fish and Chips (he loves fish and chips.)  Eileen had Chicken Alfredo pasta and I decided to have their Haddock Burger. In it's place I am sharing my recipe for the New England Haddock Burger.   Soft toasted buns.  Crisp crumb coated  perfectly cooked fish. Rich tartar sauce. Plenty of sour pickles and lettuce. What more could you ask for in a sandwich? Not a lot! 

We were all very happy with our meals! (Not to mention the good service!)

And those were my meals of the week for this past week. Not quite as conventional as they usually are, but I know you will forgive me. Now I am feeling back to normal, next weeks will be more in line with what I am really eating rather than suggestions for what you could cook and eat! I am so pleased to be feeling well again. It's no fun being sick!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better - Cube steak? Is that what we used to call a steakette? Can we still buy them?

    1. I am feeling much better thanks! It took a few days, but all is well. A cube steak is usually from the top or bottom round of a cut of meat and has been tenderized by a machine that punctures the surface to break down the tough fibers. The result is a cut with a cube pattern imprinted on the steak, giving the appearance of a ground meat, but it is not ground. Where I live, I buy mine at Sobey's. I hope this helps! You can also do the same to a steak yourself using a metal meat pounder.

  2. So happy you are better! Look forward to your weekly posts and yummy recipes. Enjoy the week!


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