World's Best Bacon Sarnie

Thursday 19 November 2009

The other day when I got that tasty piece of beef from the people from Abel and Cole, they also very generously included a package of their delicious free range organic back bacon. The Ensor family have had a butcher's shop in Gloucestershire's picturesque Royal Forest of Dean for nearly a century. They currently cure outstanding bacons and gammon hams for Abel and Cole. As well as running the butcher's shop, they're also organic farmers. Much of A & C's organic bacon comes from their slowly-reared pigs. The succulent pork for their free-range bacon and gammon comes from neighbouring farmer, Richard Hazell.

I just have to ask, how could anything farmed with such care and so responsibly produced fail to be good???

And good it is. Just look at that wonderful colour. It's bright and tasty looking, not anaemic like some bacon I have seen. It also has a wonderful proportion of lean to fat, and what really made me fall in love with it, was that it isn't pumped full of water, like some are. This is a big plus in my books. I also hate it when my bacon smells like, to be perfectly blunt . . . pigs. I know bacon comes from pigs, but I don't like to smell them when I am cooking it. This smelled heavenly . . . all smoky and bacony, if you know what I mean . . .

I just love air cured, smoked back bacon and here in the UK we have some of the best. After having tried this bacon I have to say, in all honesty, it's just wonderful! I think I'll be adding it to my veg box on a once a month basis. (We try not to eat too many cured meats, but once a month, it's a real treat here at Oak Cottage.)

I know that calling this the World's Best Bacon Sarnie is pretty bold, but I'll stand by my words. It has all the ingredients that constitute a great bacon sarnie in my opinion. Great tasting pan grilled free range organic smoked bacon. Free range organic eggs, cooked in butter. Some really flavourful cheddar. Soft, fresh buttered white bread, and . . . let's not forget the lashings of brown sauce!!!

I challenge you to give this a try and then come back and tell me . . . is this not the greatest or what! It goes without saying that this is a once in a blue moon treat. There has to be a bazillion calories in it, but . . . once in a blue moon? Why not go whole hog and treat yourself! (every pun intended!)

Go on . . . dig in . . . you know you want to.

*World's Best Bacon Sarnie*
Makes 1
Printable Recipe

I am giving the quanities to make one here, but it is easily multiplied to make much more. I know this is a bold statment, calling this the World's Best . . . but just make one and try it out. I think you'll agree! This IS the best! It will be love at first bite!

4 rashers of good quality free range organic smoked back bacon
2 slices of good quality white bread (you don't want the bread to compete with the flavours here,
only to enhance)
softened butter
2 medium free range organic eggs
1 slice of cheddar cheese (I used Simply Inspired's sliced medium cheddar with Roasted Red Onions,
fabulous darling, simply fabulous!)
Lashings of Brown Sauce (optional)

Lightly spray a large nonstick skillet with some oil and heat. Once it is hot add the rashers of bacon and pan grill them, until done to your preference. It shouldn't take too long. I like the fat along the edge to be a bit crispy, so I hold it up with the tongs so that the fat is just hitting the pan and I get it really crispy that way. Place in a warm oven to keep warm, whilst you cook the eggs. Wipe your pan out and melt a bit of butter in the pan over medium heat. Once the butter begins to foam, crack in the two eggs. Cook on one side, until the edges are just beginning to crisp, then flip it over and cook the second side for about 20 seconds. Slap on a slice of cheddar cheese, dividing it between the two eggs. Allow to melt.

Butter the bread and then place one slice on a plate, buttered side up. (You don't want to toast the bread. Part of the appeal of this sarnie is the way the bread is all soft and squishy) Top with a bit of brown sauce if using. Place the bacon on top and then finally put the eggs on top of the bacon, cheese side up. Top with the other slice of bread, buttered side down. Cut in half, kick your feet up and enjoy!

mmmmm . . . now that's a great Bacon Sarnie . . .

PS - if you haven't figured it out by now . . . Sarnie is another way of saying Sandwich. You know, a rose by any other name et al . . .


  1. this looks amazing i miss British bacon so much

      Here are the actual ingredients..

      Bacon. Lots of it.
      White bread/roll. It has to be white, and it is NEVER toasted
      HP Sauce.

      That's it. There's no debate on this. The butter and HP can be substituted or left of entirely, and the bread can be regular bread or a white dinner roll. That's where the buttie/sarnie confusion comes in. No where else. I know this thread is old as hell, but damn it!!! The recipe above IS NOT FOR A BACON SARNIE OT BUTTIE! The author of this post should be ashamed of himself!!!!

    2. August, I think if you did your research properly, you would see that I actually did post a TRADITIONAL BACON SARNIE/BUTTIE which is actually as you have said here . . . cheap white bread, bacon, and brown sauce several months before this post.

      If I choose to expound upon that idea and add a slice of cheese and a fried egg several months down the road, that's my right. To be rude about it or tell me I should be ashamed of myself without having done a proper investigation of my site says far more about you than it does about me.

      I would never go into your kitchen and tell you how to suck eggs, because I am much nicer than that and after all it would be your kitchen, just as this is mine. And the last time I looked at my passport, it did indeed say I was English. ;-)

    3. PS - Here is the link to my first Bacon Sarnie Post for anyone that is interested:

  2. Bacon and good. Especially when the egg is a little dippy.. :)

  3. Okay, guess what I want right NOW, Marie! Yum! You don't have to convince me, I already believe whatever you tell me! That looks like absolute, delicious comfort food! Thank-you for giving the definition for sarnie--I was going to have to ask you the meaning of that word, too! And that has to be the BEST looking bacon I have ever seen! Hope you're having a wonderful day, Marie!

  4. Hi, Marie! Just saw your sweet comment on my post tonight--you requested and I must answer immediately! You've shared so much with me, I won't have you waiting one more minute! Here's the link to the post with the crumble recipe--this is my own, and it's not very sophisticated, but we like it, and I hope you do, too! (It's certainly not very healthy!!!) Much love to you!

  5. Hubby would just LOVE this...he loves bacon! As you know, I don't eat bacon anymore...or white bread...hahaha...But anything for hubby! ;o) I love the word's fun! Happy Day, sweet friend--LOVE YA ((BIG HUGS))

  6. YUM! and...what is "brown sauce"?? We don't have that in Canada...we do have HP Sauce, is that the same thing?
    Love your blog :)

  7. Niki, brown sauce is HP Sauce. We just call it Brown Sauce over here. It's luvly! (especially on a Bacon Sarnie!)

  8. That bacon looks superb. With butter and really good white bread (and it has to be white!) it would be a great sandwich, even without all the added extras.

    What about the ultimate sausage sandwich next, Marie?

  9. Lovely looking bacon and nice to know that it's organic. I haven't had a bacon sandwich for ages . I must remedy that this weekend ..... but , without the cheese I think .I'm a conservative soul at heart !

  10. That is some seriously good looking bacon!! i wish we had british bacon over here!!!

  11. Okay!!! I'll have the next bite please!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...


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