Rice Pudding

Sunday 29 August 2010

This is a comforting dessert that you either loathe . . . or love.

We are from the love camp in this household.

Perfectly baked rice pudding . . . with creamy, milky, sweet rice beneath a scrummy golden buttery crust . . .

Can there be anything more heavenly on earth?

It all depends on which day you ask me . . .

Today, as I dig my spoon into it's sweet and creamy mass . . . I am in love with rice pudding and so I think not! (when cooked properly) The rice should be just tender . . . not floating in the liquid in separate grains . . . and not mushy and swollen into a stodgy mass.

The use of cream in this recipe gives a wonderfully rich and creamy texture that is oh so soothing and pleasing,

Comfort in a spoon indeed.

*Rice Pudding*
Serves 6 to 8
Printable recipe

This is pure and simple comfort food. Either loathed or loved. We are lovers of it in our home.

110g (4 ounces) of short grain rice (use pudding rice or arborio rice)
450ml of whole milk (1 1/2 cups)
450ml of single cream (1 1/2 cups)
1 tsp vanilla paste
1 ounce of hard butter, diced
jam or syrup for serving (optional)

Set the oven at 150*C/300*F/gas mark2. Butter a large pie dish. Put the rice, milk, cream and vanilla paste into the dish and give it a good stir. Allow to sit for half an hour. Stir again and then dot the butter on the top. Place in the heated oven and bake for 3 hours, checking periodically to make sure the top doesn't burn. If you think it is getting too dark, cover loosely with a bit of foil. At the end the rice will be soft and there should be a lovely golden crust of milk on top. Eat hot or cold, with or without jam or syrup.


  1. I always try to skimp on the fat in this recipe by using skim milk...it just doens't cut it...I need to bite the bullet and just use the cream and butter! Your photos look fantastic!

  2. Count me in on the LOVE side!

  3. Ellerinize sağlık.Çok leziz ve Çok iştah açıcı görünüyor.


  4. Ahh, pure comfort food. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!

  5. I grew up with my mom making rice pudding and I so love it.. but my family does not eat it... I followed your recipe to the "T" and it's in the oven right now... will let you know how it turns out.. thank you for this!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love so many versions of rice pudding, but this is my favourite, and I like the skin on top!

  7. Mmm, I love rice pudding too. Yours looks fabulous. Cream makes all the difference.

  8. My mother once told me she loved rice pudding as a child. She had never made it for us and I was always curious what it tasted like. One night I was watching the Food Network and they had an easy to make recipe so I decided to try it. It was wonderful so I am definitely in the LOVE camp!

    And speaking of love, I really love your blog!
    Have a great Sunday, Bonnie

  9. ok Marie ~ that looks devine!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sunday

  10. Oh YUM....I never make it this way, but I'm definitely going to try. I LOVE rice pudding.

  11. I just made this but I use nutmeg, and 2oz of sugar it reminds me of my Mum back when I was a child in England xx


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