Simple Pot Roasted Chicken

Thursday 19 August 2010

I got an incredible deal on a very plump free range roasting chicken the other day and who was I to pass it up! Of course I brought it home with me . . . to cook and eat, of course!!

We love ie. we ADORE roast chicken in this house. It is one of our favourite meals. Normally when I roast it, I rub it with softened butter all over, stuffing several bashed cloves of garlic and a couple of spent lemons inside. (I'll have spent the juices from the lemons over top of the chicken in the roasting tin) Seasoned with sea salt all over and inside, and sprinkled some freshly cracked black pepper, it's a really delicious taste treat.

Sometimes . . . if I am feeling particularly indulgent, I will even slip flat slivers of butter in under the skin, all over the breast meat . . . and rest the chicken on some more butter . . . oh my, but it is some good . . . and, like I said . . . very indulgent.

Other times I get rather lazy and don't feel like going to all that trouble and and the bother of basting it every 15 minutes or so . . . I have other things and pleasures on my mind . . . like playing with the new puppy, or painting a picture, or staring off into space for a time and musing on Mr Darcy . . . and so I simply pot roast it.

This is the best way to acheive a moist and delicious roast chicken without a lot of faff and bother.

Turns out perfect every time. Trust me. My Mr Darcy heartily approves . . .

*Pot Roasted Chicken*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Deliciously moist with lots of tasty juices to spoon over when you are ready to serve.

300ml white wine (1 1/4 cups)
2 tbsp redcurrant jelly
6 garlic cloves, quartered lengthways
2 long sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 large free range roasting chicken, about 1.7-2kg (about 5 pounds)
salt and pepper
Small knob of butter, softened

Preheat your oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Wipe chicken inside and out and then season well, both inside and out with some salt and pepper. Set aside.

Whisk the redcurrant jelly and the wine together in a roasting pan with a cover, large enough to hold the chicken. Lay the rosemary springs and garlic on the bottom of the roaster and then place the chicken on top. Cover with the lid and then roast in the heated oven for one hour.

Remove the lid and rub all over with the knob of butter. (I scoop the knob of butter out of the butterdish with a spoon and then just use the spoon to rub it all over. That way I don't burn my fingers.) Place back into the oven uncovered and roast for another hour, or until the chicken is done and nicely browned. You should be able to twist the leg joint a little in it's socket and the juices should run clear when pierced with a fork. Remove from the oven onto a platter. Tent and allow to rest for 15 to 20 minutes before carving.

Skim any fat from off of the pan juices and strain into a saucepan. Keep warm. Slice the chicken to serve, spooning some of the pan juices over top.

PS - Please note this also has the puppy stamp of approval.


  1. This really looks nice. The jelly mixed with the wine is an interesting idea. Thanks.

  2. That chicken looks soooo good!
    Your puppy dog is adorable!!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who muses about Mr. Darcy.....! The chicken looks divine, my friend...and your sweet pup looks very loved and happy!

    Much love and happy thoughts sent your way across the sea tonight, dear friend!


  4. Çok leziz olmuş ellerinize sağlık.


  5. Marie, my grandma used to love making chicken this way- so very good!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Fab chicken! Lovely puppy shot - he's adorable :)

  7. what a cutzo puppy!! That chicken does look good, but red currant jelly? I don't know what that is! Are currents like raisins? I do have a very moist recipe on my cooking blog also for roasted chicken and it is a vermouth one---my family so loves this one. Do tell me what red currant jelly is . Ps. I am disappointed I don't live in England for that give away of yours---wow!!

  8. Red currant jelly is a type of jam (clear and without pulp) made from red currants. It is kind of tart. You could use red crabapple jelly as a substitute if you can't get the red currant.

  9. I make a wonderful Roast chicken with rosemary and a lemon halved and put inside! I want to try your variation! Sounds wonderful! ♥

  10. Marie....has anything you've made been vetoed by the puppy?! ;-)

  11. I normally pot roast chickens it saves time cleaning the oven.

    I think I'll try this recipe next time. The redcurrant jelly/wine sounds like a winning combo, especially with the rosemary.

  12. Greetings from Jersey, Channel Islands. This looks delicious. I'm going to try this recipe tomorrow!


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