Special Christmas Dinner recipes for your pet

Thursday 23 December 2010

(The long suffering, patient and adorable Mitzie)

A few weeks back the people from Petplan contacted me and asked me if I could come up with some tasty Nutritious yet Festive Recipes for our much beloved pets, so that they too could enjoy Christmas lunch as well!

We all like to spoil our pets at Christmas. There' s nothing wrong with that, but . . . if we are going to spoil them, we might as well do it in a healthy way.

Feeding them the skin off of the turkey, while they might find it very tasty . . . is just not good for them. Neither are chocolates and other odds and sodds that we might be tempted to feed them.

Fido's Festive Feast

Festive Feline Surprise

I had ever so much fun working out some tasty dishes for our pets. They're not that hard to make and use every day ingredients that your furry family members will love, and that will be healthy for them and tasty too!

Mitzie loved both versions . . . even if she isn't a cat! She gave them two paws up!!

Hop on over to the Pet Plan site to get the recipes and read more!


  1. That is sweet - I like the idea of pets being included in the Christmas feast. I'm sure Mitzie will be spoilt rotten on Saturday ;0)

  2. Wow Marie-Where should I start? I've missed so much of your beautiful photos, and recipes, and your sweet doggie! So cute, and precious. So nice of you to make a nice treat, my daughter made some yummy dog biscuits, and will post it on her blog too.
    Your Christmas feast is truly amazing...gorgeous turkey, and trimmings. Love the red cabbage, so pretty and colorful. I usually make it the same way with the balsamic vinegar, and the current jelly. Yummm! Would love to be a guest at your Christmas feast.
    We are also having quite a feast this year, in (not so sunny) Florida.
    Merry Christmas, to you and yours!

  3. I always get a good chuckle from Mitzie's expression! ....love cooking for my four legged babies! (well....the two legged babies, too...)

  4. Mitzi looks part bloodhound and part Border Collie. Am I close.

    I'd be happy to eat even the pet food at your table, Marie.


  5. Sharon, Mitzie is 100% English Cocker Spaniel. It did smell rather good when I was cooking it all!

  6. Oh I think I've never seen one. Now I have. She's so cute and huggable looking. Hug her a few times from me please.

    Happy Holidays Marie.


  7. Very Good post, When we celebrate and enjoy the festive season, the same should be followed for our pets also, good way to thank their Loyalty.


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