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Monday, 17 September 2012

Ismael Ferroukhi


I was recently sent a review copy of the Documentary Film, EL BULLI - Cooking in Progress, by Ismael Ferroukhi

Ferran Adria is widely considered to be the best, most innovative and craziest chef's in the world.  Each year he closes his "2nd in the World" rated restaurant for six months so that he and his team can retire to his cooking lab to create and  test his new menu for the upcoming season.

This fly-on-the-wall documentary  chronicles one six month period of this testing beautifully.  You feel as if you are being given a spectacular view of something that not very many people get to see and experience.

At first I found the sub-titles a bit off-putting . . . I am not a person that really likes sub-titles.  I usually find them very distracting . . . but after about 5 minutes, I was completely enthralled in what was happening on my television screen . . . taking us from the initial experimentation of the team, to their finished creation . . . this film was a fascinating journey for this "foodie" to be able to watch.

I found myself at turns wishing so much that I could taste what they were tasting . . . to smell what they were smelling . . . This is something which I do at home . . .albeit on a much smaller scale and with much humbler equipment, but this is the way I love to cook.  To me cooking is not just about the recipe . . . it's about ingredients and taste and pushing the best of what you have available to you to it's very limits and bringing out the very best of it that you can.


I thoroughly enjoyed the journey this film took me on.  I was enthralled, entranced and inspired.

The Toddster . . . well, he could have taken or left it.  But . . . what does he know.  He's happy just opening a tin.  For the connoisseur of fine cooking and haute cuisine . . .  to the amateur cook who is simply fascinated with the journey from store shelf to plate, this is a must see film, in my opinion.  But then again . . . I may be biased.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea . . . but it was my cup of tea.

A treat for chefs and foodies. [Chef Ferran Adrià] is a culinary magician who strives to please the eye, nose and emotions as much as the palate." – Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

Running time: 108 Minutes // Certificate: 12 // Price: DVD £15.99

Available for purchase on September 24th

Many Thanks to  Artificial Eye for sending it to me.

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  1. I am very glad you enjoyed it. I am Catalan, like Ferran Adrià, and he is quite the peculiar man indeed.


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